GPS Smart Shoe Insole That Has A Battery Life Of Up To 15 Days

Finally, digital navigation and travel gadgets are simpler and much under your control. Hyderabad based Ducere technology is presenting a great innovative technology to wearable solutions. A solution that is free of maps, screens, and heavy power consumption. Lechal, the navigation smart shoe has in its kitty, all the solutions that modern navigation has been asking for.

Lechal comes in the form of a pair of pods and a pair of soles that go into your shoes. The pods synchronize with their app in your phone and hence they are the nerve centre of this simple navigation system. Besides the soles, the pods can also be buckled to the shoelace. Fitted with extremely efficient sensing technology, these new gadgets are a mark of perfection. Similarly, the insoles are available in various sizes and are customizable by trimming as well.

GPS Insoles

The app is itself in sync with here maps. This way the pods in your shoes are going to vibrate in the left shoe or right shoe as per the directions required for you to navigate. Whether you are cycling, walking, jogging, or driving.

Besides reminding you about your direction, Lechal also keeps a record of the routes you have taken and monitors your fitness levels. There is also an option to tag locations that can be done by simply tapping the ground once with your toes. Most importantly, Lechal is capable of running without any networks as well, since its databank stays updated with the latest maps.

The wearable technology also has prototype shoes on offer that can be used to take up the insoles. These shoes are available in racing car black and red colours.

The Product

  • Lechal features gesture control. In this feature, wearers will have the ability to use gestures such as tilting the foot for tagging locations. A milestone in smart navigation, Lechal will tag for you anything that interests you in your journey.
  • Lechal also has the alert feature in case you accidentally leave your phone behind. Therefore, you do not have to keep checking for your phone when you are out enjoying the sightseeing trip.
  • The shoes are quite promising as wearable fitness monitor too. Tracking steps, calories, etc.
  • The insoles are powered for straight 15-days of use. This is done by a rechargeable pods that goes into the very back of the insole or behind the heel of the shoes.
  • The app is available for Android & IOS both.
  • The strength of vibration is variable.

Among gadgets for men and women fitness and navigation, Lechal is the only player that comes with a battery life of 15-day heavy-duty use, Lechal is a cool gadget and a wonderful no-nonsense navigation guide that will stay with you at all given times.

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