VOIP Phone Systems For Small Businesses

More and more companies are now ditching the age old landline and resorting to the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system for enhancing their efficiency and for averting the expensive telephone services. Since landlines are no longer viewed as a viable option there is a rise in companies offering virtual phone systems which is a far more effective and economical alternative for the landline phones. Through this system, a company will be able to obtain a large number of virtual phone numbers to make their businesses run more competently. With a wide range of features made available in the control panels, there is no wonder why virtual phone system is emerging as the smartest choice for startups and small businesses.

Why or How VoIP Phone System Is Beneficial For Small Businesses?

1. Virtual phone system would give you the ability to run your business from anywhere

You no longer need to sit at your desk for receiving an important phone call. With virtual phone system all the calls to your business number would be routed to your mobile and your voicemails would be mailed to your email inbox with a URL. Virtual phone system is going to give you the ultimate flexibility to conduct essential aspects of your business on the move.

2. Allows you to add more than one users

When you’re heading towards the success of your business, you need a strong support team. Virtual phone system allows you to add multiple users under one number. So, when your customer calls, any of the added use can pick up the call and and answer the customer. What happens is, when a customer calls, all users will get the incoming call notification. When of the user will pick up the call, other users will get a notification about who has picked up the call. Convenient!

3. It gives your small business the appearance of a MNC:

Even if you don’t have a proper office space at your disposal, a virtual phone system will give you quite the opposite appearance. It can be extremely helpful for people working from home or non-conventional office space. You will be able to come up with your business virtual office space while you get to work from anywhere. Having a phone number added to your business website is surely going to boost conversions and eventually sales.
From the perspective of the caller, the process is just similar to calling any business office. When someone calls you on your business number, they will get to hear a recorded greeting after which it directs the call to the person they want to reach. The call will either be immediately directed to the suitable employee or you can set up an IVR and transfer the call to respective employee. For Ex:
Press 1 for Marketing
Press 2 for Sales
Press 3 for Accounts

4. Helps in the expansion of your business:

First of all, having a virtual phone number gives you a global outlook in the eyes of customers. It increases a lot of chance of your expansion in the global market. When you’re growing you can multiple countries’ number in the same account. This becomes really convenient in your growth making process.

5. Better service for your customers and employees:

Your customers can reach to any kind of support by the facility of IVR as we mentioned above. Also, when the customers calls, all the listed users of one particular number will get a notification and respective person can attend the call. The integrations with various CRMs makes it easier for your employees to call customers. As it is a repetitive task and a tedious process for sales reps.

6. Extremely cost effective:

As a virtual phone system owner you don’t have to spend on any hardware or phone lines. As it works on cloud, it makes it really convenient and saves hardware costs. Plus, the virtual phone system calling rates are really cost effective. International communication are really economical as well.

Highlighting Features Of The VOIP Phone System:

  • Get instant info about all the details of the caller, status of the call and time duration
  • Listen to the call recordings
  • Get real time report on the status history of the call
  • Choose different numbers for various counties.
  • Get unique numbers for each of your departments
  • Purchase virtual phone numbers at a cost effective rate
  • Know the timezone of the customer before you call
  • Set the working hours according to your schedule
  • Direct the call to voicemail when you are not at desk
  • Appear local to your global clients by setting up virtual numbers for each counties.
  • Record all the calls to monitor your team’s performance
  • Make your entire team reachable even while on the go
  • On hold music would keep your callers engaged

Wrapping it up

If you still haven’t made up your mind about whether you need to switch to a virtual phone system then all you need to do is go for a free trial. It would empower your small business, give your brand a boost and greatly help in enhancing your company’s productivity without those burdensome expenses. Regardless of where you are, your callers will get to see your business number which in turn would guarantee a super professional image.

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