What is Virus Protection?

Virus protection software has been designed for preventing viruses, Trojan horses and worms from getting into a PC. This software also helps in removing any malicious software code that has already been used to infect a computer. Nowadays, several virus protection utilities merge anti-malware and anti-spyware capabilities to go along with antivirus protection. On the other hand, Internet security suites go one step ahead by including extra capabilities like anti-phishing, firewall, file protection, anti-spam, and PC optimization.

To protect your PC from malware infections, Comodo offers Comodo 360 virus protection – a completely Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection – that has your organization completely covered. Comodo 360 virus protection thus guarantees protection and compliance where other solutions fall short.

Endpoint Protection from Comodo 360

Comodo 360 provides you with the best endpoint protection for your business and devices.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Protection guaranteed, for all devices
  • Simple, centralized management console
  • Default Deny Security with Default Allow Usability

Comodo’s endpoint protection provides security from all angles. This is true because cybercriminals operate from all angles in order to steal data, interrupt operations, and infiltrate systems. This is the reason why Comodo Cybersecurity provides a comprehensive platform of cybersecurity capabilities that help secure your applications, data, network, and users from all angles across the Web, LAN, and Cloud.

With businesses taking advantage of digital transformation, cloud computing, and several other developing technologies, we see development and increase even in the threat landscape and this indeed makes cybersecurity more challenging than ever. Comodo Endpoint Protection provides integrated solutions in order to efficiently and successfully deactivate cyberattacks.

Basic Measures to be Adopted for Best Virus Protection

Following are some of the key measures that will help you obtain the best virus protection for your business:

  • Install antivirus software

Installing an antivirus is considered to be the very first line of defense. You will have to go in for an antivirus that best suits your necessities to protect your computer even from the extremely dangerous zero-day threats.

  • Avoid pirated software

To get the best virus protection, refrain from using pirated software. Criminals are out there to provide malicious programs in the form of valuable software that infects the PC when the user runs this program.

  • Be cautious about phishing and social engineering

Do not share personal information online. Always share personal details over the network only to authenticated websites and individuals. Never click on links that you receive via mails as these links could direct you to malicious websites.

  • Use of firewall

Firewall plays a vital role in virus protection and always ensure that the inbuilt firewall is enabled. Firewalls are capable of blocking suspicious programs and hence providing PC security.

  • Do not have weak passwords

To have a strong password, use a combination of alphabets (upper and lower case), special characters, and numerals. Do not have the same password for all the accounts that you have over the network.

  • Keep software updated

Never assume that your PC has got all the protection it needs by just installing a virus protection software. The best virus protection can be obtained only if you consistently keep updating all the software that has been installed in your PC. This is a key necessity because the software installed by you can end up having some security issues. This software updating process will prevent hackers from exploiting the system and making it prone to malicious attacks.

  • Download only reliable programs

Makes sure that you use a trusted source for downloading and running programs and applications. Refrain from opening any executable software that comes in the form of email attachments.

Security from Every Single Endpoint

Endpoint Security or Endpoint Protection raises a solution to secure the endpoints from zero-day exploits or advanced persistent threats or unknown malware. Standard Antivirus cannot be the only solution to drive out the threats targeting your PC. Hence, endpoint protection took its form in order to deliver complete security solutions guaranteeing complete data protection for enterprises. Endpoint Protection thus delivers centralized security solutions to secure servers, workstations, and devices that are connected to access the enterprise networks.

With a 360 virus protection feature, Comodo’s Containment technology is capable of preventing viruses from taking over the system. This unique technology develops a virtual environment, hard drive, registry, and even virtual COM interface. In case the malware succeeds in entering your PC, it will continue to execute its despicable activity in the virtual environment. However, your systems original files and document will not get infected. Comodo’s Containment technology will just keep a tab on the different kinds of infections.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) quarantines all the strange files in a virtual container in which the doubtful files can be examined and executed immediately and safely. Comodo AEP is also available with a Default Deny Platform that helps focus on complete enterprise visibility while the endpoints connected over the organization’s network are free from malware. Comodo AEP also contains a console of IT and security management to help manage Linux, OSX, iOS, Windows, and Android devices connected to all the physical and virtual networks.

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