What is Vanity Number and Why You Need to Know

What is Vanity Number?

In simplest terms vanity numbers are often toll free numbers consisting easy to remember combinations of letters, preferably the name of the business. Let’s look at a few examples. A U.S based flower delivery service uses 1-800-FLOWERS, so when you type the letter combination on your numerical keyboard, you would write 1-800-3569377. Another popular example is 1-800-GO-FEDEX, toll free number of the world famous courier service. It’s evident that “FLOWERS”, “GO FEDEX” is much easier to remember than the numeric combination.

what is vanity number

Why Do You Need Vanity Number?

If you are just starting out in the ever competitive business world, thing are bound to get overwhelming for you. Due to the latest high quality advertisement boom customers are easily distracted; they are always in a hurry. Chances are, people easily forget your phone number. If you find yourself in such situation then it’s time to consider vanity number.

Reason Why Need Vanity Number?

  • It’s easy to remember for you customers.
  • It’s going to give you an edge over other competitors in the market .
  • Increases the number of returning customers.Helps you to secure a solid ground against bigger brands.
  • Recent survey shows, incoming phone calls are likely to go up by as much as 290%
  • Helps customers to get a better view about your market niche.
  • Increases company value to the outside world.
  • Greater customer interaction means greater revenue, thus business growth.

How to get a Vanity Number?

  1. Decide on the number that you want, it may be a tag line or a phrase that best suits your company or it even can be a repeating sequence of numbers such as 111-1111. Think about something that reflects your brand and your services.
  2. Make sure that it is a minimum seven letter word or phrase because toll free numbers are of 7 digits, however you can choose words with more than 7 but not more than 10 characters, although the numbers dialed after the 7th digit won’t matter.
  3. Companies such as PhoneNumberGuy.com provides the largest list of vanity phone numbers in USA. All you need to do is pick the vanity number of your choice, then pay for it and after receiving the account info within 24 hours or less, pass it on to your carrier, and you’re done. You can start receiving calls and texts in as little as 3 business days.

Bottom Line

In conclusion vanity numbers are a great way to make people notice your business, however one must keep it in mind that a good vanity doesn’t always guarantees successful business. So whatever you do, think before you drink. Choose it wisely so that it goes a long way.

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