What is a Graphics Card, it’s Types and Importance of Installing a Graphics Card to Your System

What is a Graphics Card?

Graphics card is a chip component that opens a doorway to many gaming and rich video experience world. It is a piece of hardware that handles the way how images and videos are handled in your computer. For rendering the mage, graphics card converts the data into a signal that the computer can decode.

An good graphics card enhances and smoothens the image for viewing, which is a boon to the gamers and video editors. With crores spent on developing the richer gaming and graphical experience to viewers, is upgrading and installing a graphics card is all you need on your list? Will you need to replace or continue with existing one? What are the perks that a graphics card could offer and will it manoeuvre benefits? Read on to know more.

What are the different types of graphics cards?

Basically there are two different types of graphics card.

  1. Integrated graphics card
  2. Dedicated graphics card

Integrated vs Dedicated Graphics

When you are on the verge of buying a new computer, specifically a laptop, you are left with a hard choice on the graphics part. In those hardships, you might have come across the terms integrated and dedicated graphics frequently. So,

What is the difference between integrated and dedicated graphics cards?

1. Integrated Graphics

Integrated graphics or technically an integrated processing unit (GPU) doesn’t use its own RAM, instead cache up with the system memory. The percentage usage of memory by the integrated graphics card is decided depending on the size of the task. If you end up multi-tasking, the graphics end up occupying more memory storage.

Using integrated graphics also has its own perks. It is comparatively cheaper, shares a lesser amount of the total cost of the computer. For an everyday graphics processing, integrated graphics card serves the purpose well. It generates less heat than an added console and helps extends the battery life of the computer.

A well-integrated graphics card is able to perform all the basic functioning as any basic functions like editing video or word processing isn’t hard driving on the integrated graphics. If you are suited with just the basic featuring that your computer is to offer, then an integrated card is ideal. But it doesn’t let you enjoy well-graphical 3D video games and pictures.

2. Dedicated Graphics

Dedicated graphics system comes with its own independent source of memory, not utilizing the system RAM. Dedicated gaming cards are ideal if you are ardent video games player or a passionate graphic designer. But all this comes with its own drawbacks, heating. If your console isn’t adequately designed or appropriately cooled, it could lead to overheating.

Make sure there are plenty of vents if you are into dedicated graphics installation. There are graphics cards that are designed as both dedicated and integrated. With simpler functioning, the card acts as an integrated unit to conserve your battery life. When you switch to tougher graphics programs, it switches to the dedicated mode and works up at the cost of faster battery draining.

How to Upgrade the Graphics of a System

Upgrading or installing a graphics card is a priority to boost your computer’s visual performance. Installing graphics comes with better quality images, simpler video editing, and high-resolution video support. But, there are tons of installation upgrades making this process tedious.

Have a background check before upgrading a graphics card for your system.

  • Evaluate your graphics basics: every computer comes with an inbuilt graphics system suitable to satisfy basic computing needs. Opt for dedicated graphics if you are in need of greater graphical necessity.
  • Knowing the limitations of your computer: knowing what your computer is capable of handling is all the more important before installation.
  • Choose the right hardware to suit all your graphics card. There are two great players NVIDIA and AMD, both offering the best. Pick the best suiting your needs.

Importance of Installing Graphics Card

Installing graphics improving the performance of your computer greatly. If you are planning to install a graphics card, it is definitely going to bring in better performance to your computer than the current integrated cards. Computers broadly come with their own graphics preinstalled, but an upgrade has its own perks to offer.

1. Better Gaming

Installing better graphics can greatly vary the range in which computer games can be played. With half the world going crazy over games and millions spent to offer a realistic gaming experience, the hardware is of prime importance at the receiving end.

Installing high-quality graphics will surely have better provisions for higher-end games. Moreover, a few years old computers can support the latest games with just installing current graphics. This is a cheaper option to consider instead of spending on new gaming support.

2. Higher Video Quality

Video editors mostly use the good graphics card for better performance. Installing graphics can change the way how a computer perceived videos while playing. Maintaining a good playback quality is very essential one, especially for high definition videos. An installed graphics holds its own resources and memory to cater the video quality needs. Furthermore, installed graphics can also aid in processing the video and helping quicker fuse of a new video.

3. Freeing Up Memory

A graphics card usually shares a memory with the computer. Generally, graphics card come with their own inbuilt memory. If the current graphics card is sharing computer memory, then installing a new card will free up space.

This space, in turn, can be used for other tasks. A memory in-built graphics card can work faster than the memory based on the computer which eventually leads to the performance boost of the computer.

4. Smoother Computing Experience

Installing high-quality graphics can add your smoother computing functioning. Newer operating systems often make provisions to integrate new graphical features. This enhances the experience of the user for improved computing experience.


The scintillating merits of both integrated and dedicated graphics cards are scintillating keeping very minute choices to choose. Before making a final choice on selecting dedicated or integrated graphics card, ensure it is an ideal choice for you.

It’s very settling that installing a graphics card will provide extensive benefits to your system but it again comes with an additional price. If you are a casual user, then integrated graphics are great for your use. It functions boundless for even watching videos. But dedicated cards, on the other hand, gives you the best visual experience whether its gaming or viewing. Plan and decide on the right choice of dedicated cards that work well, advanced in the longer run.

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