8 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2020

In today’s competitive world, it’s not sufficient to just have an online presence. To create a unique place in the marketplace it is important to grab the attention of users through your fully optimized, functional, and interactive website. Regrettably, the Internet is full of poor website designs that miss both the quality content and technical aspects. To make a website user-friendly, clients and developers alike constantly pay attention to the current design trends in equal measure.

Website Design And Development Best Practices

If you want to make your business ahead of competitors then it is the right time to end poor website practices and add a few best ones for 2020 once and for all. Let’s take a glance at the top 8 website design and development practices that would help you end this nasty cycle of “all-surface-no-substance” sites. If you think about your customers and take delight in your place, you can create a website that people want to support.

Just like the latest tech updates people change their clothes styles every time, the same thing is applied to your website’s design.

Let’s look at 8 web design best practices that will help make sure your website’s accomplishment in 2020.

Loading Time

Who doesn’t want their business website to load within a fraction of seconds? As we know that everyone is looking out for instant solutions and if your site takes more time to load then you are losing your potential customers. The websites that load in just 2 seconds of time for all users on all devices grabs the attention of the users. In addition to this, you can also check the speed of the webpage by means of Pingdom and accordingly know how you can improve your website loading time.

To make your website a good one you need to hire dedicated web application developers and designers who better understands the meaning of AMP pages. The web developer knows all the ways to reduce the website loading time and rendering procedure to the lowest amount. It has been one of the most significant criterions suggested by Google that help businesses to rank the websites in SERP. This is undoubtedly the best practice to optimize your website to boost overall ROI.

Mobile Friendly Design

In this mobile-friendly environment, everyone likes to use mobile devices over desktops and laptops to do almost everything they want. So it is crucial to design a mobile-friendly design of the website so that your audience your website any time whenever they want.

Clear Call to Action Option

Call to action is the thing that not only helps you to boost your sales but at the same time motivates the customers to use your services. Your calls-to-action helps the customers to purchase your services, products, or subscribing to your newsfeed or booking an appointment.

Clean and Simple Design

It’s vital that your website offers easy navigation and your content is interesting yet simple to read. It’s a good practice to make your website colors bold and attractive images. As a substitute, make your website content simple and pleasant for users. To attract more and more customers towards the website it is important to arrange all the graphic elements of a website in order.


Testing is a technique of comparing the diverse version of a website page to see which one performs well for a specified goal. This could comprise assessing how effectual a Call to action is, which headline works well or what type of images and visuals bring out positive responses. Collecting the right information takes the estimation out of website optimization. You can make choices based on numerical data, which is always a first-class design practice.


The Chatbots is the best practice that is used by apps and websites to provide the ultimate experience to the users. The Chatbots trend comes from the individuals at Medium. This feature helps you to collect more information from users that visit your website and also help them with their queries. Most of the times complicated forms and newsletters often annoy the users to get information and ultimately they leave the site without any interaction. This is the best web design practice that will give your business a digital edge that will, in reality, help you to boost your sales and visitors.

Eye-catchy Content

According to the latest survey, it is concluded that dynamic content makes an impact on new users because it appeals to the precise interests of every individual that’s visiting your business website for services or products. As you know that your website is likely dealing with numerous segments of customers, so you need to have stuff that is designed to attract all types of people. To make things more helpful you can use SEO keywords with dynamic content to grab the attention of the user that’s visiting your website, so your website will look special for each type of consumer.

Complete Cybersecurity

In the present situation, it is important to offer security to the customers. Security has become a major feature when it comes to product and service buying process. Adding security in the website design and development practices is one of the key steps you need to keep in consideration in 2020. As you know every application, plugin or payment gateway on your website is another possible point of entrance for hackers. To add a maximum level of security on the website and delete all extra files and databases that are no longer in use. Think about the security of the website primarily to offer complete security to the website users.


Hopefully, you have gained a lot of information here, but the most significant takeaway is that to build a website that amazes your customers at first sight. It is good to focus on your website optimization and improvements to serve up your customers and company in the best possible way. 2020 will focus on a shift towards straightforward, functional, and innovative designs. Implementing all the above features have a considerable impact on the way you do business and connect with possible customers online for optimal ROI. However, it might take some time to see genuine results from these strategies; you might even need to hire website developers to accomplish some of your targets for your business. Certainly, you will be able to harvest the fruit of your hard work if you remain dedicated to your work.

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