4 Apps like Vidmate for IOS and Andriod

Vidmate App – A free app and provides with innumerable optimal features, people can easily download almost every popular film and tv shows and many more videos related to reality shows and music.

Vidmate App has been fetching recognition and acknowledgement ever since it has been released. People can feel secured while using Vidmate because of the app’s collaboration with the sites which can be trusted.

The name Vidmate excites all the entertainment fanatics because of the first-rate features which the app provides to all the users. It has been making our life smooth and easier with every passing day as video installing or downloading applications were not created by the developers earlier.

But people are becoming aware about the advancements which the technology is providing use these days and not only Vidmate but there are also some other apps which are ruling this sector along with Vidmate. However, we are going to give an insight into four other similar apps like Vidmate in this article which are Tubemate, Snaptube, iTube and Advanced Download Manager.

Each of these applications has their own charm and provides equally convenient features which have become the talk of the town for almost every entertainment fanatic. Some of you may know only about one of these apps or might not even have an idea about any of these so this write up regarding the 5 fascinating video downloading app is going to be interesting for you people.

Each of the apps are elaborated below, so figure out which one you would like to utilize for downloading your favorite films and shows.

4 Best apps like Vidmate for IOS and Andriod

  1. Advanced Download Manager
  2. Tubemate
  3. Snaptube
  4. iTube

1) Tubemate

Tubemate app like vidmate for IOS and Andriod. It provides various kinds of resolution as well as quality of the video which get downloaded by the users. And the videos automatically get saved in the memory card of the device after getting downloaded through the Tubemate app. Apart from downloading videos from the American video sharing website called YouTube people can also get the videos from sites like Dailymotion, Facebook and so on.  

2) Snaptube

The Snaptube is similar app like vidmate for IOS and Andriod, which is also used for the purpose of downloading various videos also comes for free and resembles Vidmate at a larger extent. It is convenient to operate and delivers numerous videos related to every genre which the users might want to get.  

3) iTube

iTube is similar app like vidmate for IOS and Andriod, This app is a little different from Vidmate as the videos downloaded through iTube can only be watched when the user goes offline and the videos doesn’t get saved the memory card of the device. The offline viewing of the different videos downloaded by people can be watched without being buffered.  

4) Advanced Download Manager

Its also similar app like Vidmate for IOS and Andriod. If you are looking out for an app which gives a tremendous amount of speed while downloading a particular video, then Advanced Download Manager app can be of great use. You can even download more than 2 videos simultaneously through this app.  

And now that you know all the facilities and perks delivered by Vidmate, Tubemate, Snaptube, iTube and Advanced Download Manager, downloading these apps may be a good idea.

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