Twitter Marketing Tips for 2017

Now a days, social media presence is very important for every business. One of the top social media website is Twitter. Millions of people use twitter daily to send out short texts to their friends. That means millions of customers for your business. Who would not want more customers to their businesses?
Here I have complied the best Twitter Marketing Tips for 2017. As years pass, the marketing strategies we use also changes, so for the year 2017, here are the best twitter marketing tips.
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1) Follow People Back in Twitter

As the title suggest follow people back in Twitter. But don’t follow everyone in Twitter. Follow the people whose bio suggests that you have something in common with them. This will help in making a first impression with that person. And more over it is a great way to increase get more followers if they haven’t followed you already. Your profile will look weird if you have 100000 followers and you only follow 2 people.

2) Quality over quantity

There is nothing great about having too many twitter followers to your account, but don’t care anything of what you tweet. Its better having few followers who responds to your tweets.
Those big numbers as followers looks good to see, but what will you do with them when they don’t even care about what you say. So, unfollow the people who don’t care about you. If you have a lot of twitter followers and getting confused, then try to export your twitter followers and then sort them out.

3) Make use of profile picture

If you haven’t uploaded your profile picture for your Twitter, then it’s time to use one. If you are not comfortable in using your real picture, then maybe you can use a portrait of you. Or simply you can use your business logo as your twitter profile picture.
Without any picture and cover page, your twitter profile will look dull for others.

4) Make use of cover page

Pictures are great way to express things. So, make use of your cover image space and create something interesting to capture user’s attention.
Mashable’s twitter cover page is one good example of it. Don’t use the same cover page for years, try to change your cover page according to the trends, this shows people that you are being active in your business.

5) Don’t go off topic

If you have acquired your twitter followers on internet marketing niche, then it is a bad idea to post irrelevant tweets to your followers other than on internet marketing topic. If you constantly post off topic tweets, then there is a very good chance that people might unfollow you.
So, try to post what your followers love and build audience steadily by posting valuable tweets.

6) Make use of headlines

Twitter post box is limited to 144 characters only. So you have very less space to grab user’s attention. So, make use of this by creating eye catchy headlines in your tweets, in this way, there is a great chance that you would get good response to your tweets.
In this world of marketing, the trend changes with time, so the marketing. It’s always a good idea to test new things in marketing, we never know which will work.

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