9 Top Magento tools (Extension) for developers for Magento store development work easier

The invention of mobile Internet has given a great lift to the E-commerce business. Now, almost all tech-savvy people buy their desired products from different shopping sites. This has encouraged entrepreneurs to go online and increase their businesses by leaps and bounds.   A good number of E-retailers prefer Magento to create their virtual storefronts. So, Magento developers have to toil a lot to create appealing, professional and fully functional Magento E-stores.  

Technically, Magento is a complicated E-commerce platform. Due to the rapidly growing demand for cost-effective Magento store development, developers need to have some necessary tools to speed up their E-store development works and complete the assignments quickly without any flaw.


Here the list of top Magento tools for developers use to make the Magento store development work easier.

Tool 1. Mgt Developer Toolbar

Mgt Developer Toolbar is just like a boon for beginners and average level Magento developers. It comes with caching, events/observer overview, requests, event/observer, block nesting, database queries, handles, and profiling. By using this tool, Magento developers can easily know what is happening in each request. They can also check the flaws in their web development works, observe the memory consumption, parse time and the executed queries with the help of this tool.  

Tool 2. Easy Template Path Hints for Magento

As clear with its name, this tool provides developers an easy way to block hints during the Magento development process. For this, it uses additional parameters. This helps Magento developers a lot as they don’t need to navigate the backend of the site to manage specific options. It also has options to add access codes for the security of Magento sites.  

Tool 3. Magento Connect Direct Download

While developing Magento websites, web developers have to download extensions from the developer’s site and then add them to the sites. It consumes a considerable amount of time. In order to download Magento extensions easily and quickly, they can use this tool.  

The good thing about this tool is that it adds direct download buttons to all extension pages on Magento Connect. As a result, web developers don’t need to visit the specific sites again and again to download the Magento extensions.  

Tool 4. Magento Profiler

When you create Magento sites, you have to ensure that they are loading faster on all devices, as prescribed by the Google. In order to make Magento site faster,  Magento developers have to find out the elements that eat up a lot of memory and find the reasons behind the scenes. If you do this manually, it will take a considerable amount of time.  

With the help of Magento profiler, you can easily replace the built-in Varien profiler. It helps you to find out which buckets of your site are consuming more memory and their actual loading time. You can correct those elements to make your site faster.   The interesting fact is that you don’t need to change core files to use this tool. Moreover, it comes with a number of pre-configured buckets.  

Tool 5. Mobify Magento

With Mobify, you can easily add mobility features to your Magento store. Upon integration, it can easily increase the capabilities of your E-commerce site for the mobile optimized solutions. For this, it makes use of user management tools in the backend. By using this tool, you can easily use a number of mobile E-commerce features such as NFC, touch security, mobile payment, etc.  

Tool 6. Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

  When you add shipping options, seasonal sales offers, and discounts to your Magento store, you get lots of traffic. These days, Most of the Magento stores come with such features, allowing the website owners to increase their customer base easily.  

If you want to add your shipping options, you can use this extension. It will help buyers to adjust their shopping easily by creating multiple flat rates, evaluating the item shipping charges, etc.  

Tool 7. Commerce Bug 3 for magento

To create Magento sites or its pages, web developers have to do lots of coding. Writing clean code takes a lot of time. So, they can use CommerceBug  tool. It helps coders a lot in coding and allow them to easily manage Magento system. This tool can also be used to solve every bug.  

Tool 8. AvS Scope Hint

While writing codes for Magento sites, programmers make a lot of mistakes. You can’t get success in E-commerce business with a website full of faulty coding. Therefore, Magento programmers must use this tool.   It works as a warning tool whenever you write wrong codes. It helps you to eliminate coding errors and write clean codes easily for the creation of superb Magento sites.  

Tool 9. PHPUnit for magento

To ensure the development of high-quality E-commerce websites, unit and functional testing is important. Another significant fact is that unit testing should be done right from the start of website development process. But, there is no built-in unit test suite in Magento.  

Therefore, Magento developers can use PHPUnit to conduct the required tests without making any change in core code or brake databases. By doing so, web developers can easily create feature-rich Magento stores.  

Final Words

These are top 9 useful magento tools for the creating of Magento E-stores. Magento developers can use these tools to increase their workflow and create amazing Magento sites.  

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