Top 7 Best Ways to Improving Speed Of Your Router

Before knowing about the various ways to improve the speed of a router, let me explain some basic terms about the router for a better understanding of given ways.

Router: It is a network device which delivers the packet data between various networks using different techniques. If we learned technically, the router mainly works based on the internetwork.


It is a network in which the packet data transmits from a source point to a receiving destination point when required.using these networks, routers have two main works, i.e., Transmitting task and Receiving task.

Transmitting plane

In this plane, the packet data is sent to the receiver plane.

Receiver plane

In this plane, the packet data is received, transmitted from the transmitter plane.

Static routing is either directly configured on an active router interface or manually added in the administrator’s table sequence.

Dynamic routing

This type of routing is neither directly configured on an active router interface nor manually added in the administrator’s table sequence.

Wired network

In this type, the devices are connected to a network of packet data through a wired connection. The best example is “Ethernet.”

Wireless network

In this type, the devices are connected to a system without a wired connection and wireless networks. The best example is “wifi.”

Other features of a router, As explained earlier, the router has two works, also includes with the signal antennas, security measures, ports, indicators

Signal Antennas

These are the essential part of a router. Using these antennas, only the speed of the router can be decided. If there are more antennas, there will be fast network connectivity and vice versa.


We observe some ports; these are known to be ethernet ports used for wired connectivity of the network.

Security Settings

other than transmitting plane and receiving plane, the router includes security settings like firewall protection, a virtual private network(VPN)

Frequency bands

They are two major frequency bands which we use in our routers. They are 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands.


Using this frequency band, we get an extended range of signal connectivity with medium internetwork speed.


Using this frequency band, we get a short range of signal connectivity with high internetwork speed.

I hope by reading this information, you get some knowledge about routers.

Best Ways to Improve the Speed of Your Router

Now We will see some best ways of improving the speed of a router:

1. Change your default network name and password

Do you know? One of the big mistakes we make while using a router is not changing the default name and password given by the internet service provider for a long time. If we change the network name and password regularly, we can improve the connectivity and internet speed.

2. Change your router’s channel width settings

By changing the default router’s channel width settings, we can increase the speed of the internet. Also, by adjusting the channel width, we may get improvement in the connectivity and speed of the internet from the router.

3. Disable old wireless protocols

Sometimes we may forget about our old wireless connections, such that these wireless protocols are stored and activated every time we use a router, so delete all older wireless protocols for improving the internet speed.

4. Switch the router to a different frequency band

As explained, we observe two bands, namely 2.4ghz and 5ghz. These are the two frequency bands used in the router. Following our usage, if we switch between these bands, we can experience some improved speed from the router.

5. Update the router security settings

By default, routers have some security features and settings. If we forgot to update the Router security settings, there is a chance of network attacks. So by updating and changing the router security settings, we can get some improvement in speed and will be saved from severe attacks.

6. Schedule a reboot of the router

Sometimes by continuous usage of the router, the rate may decrease, and we can observe the fluctuations in internet speed. To overcome this, we can schedule a reboot of the router, so after rebooting the router, it works as before with improvement in speed.

7. Reset the router

“This is the last best way for improving the speed of our router” you may get some doubts like Why is it the last one? Yes, if we reset the router, it removes all the connections and data stored and functions like a new one.

An interesting fact about routers is, there will be a dedicated button for reset of the router.

Purchase a new router(Additional tip)

Try to buy a new router if the current router is not working correctly and for high-speed internetwork connectivity. You can also learn how to find default gateway.

I hope now you have understood about the router and some best ways to improve the speed of the internet from the router.

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