The Upcoming App Extinction with iOS 11

The upcoming iOS 11 release by all indications is set to end the emulation and support for iPhone 32-bit classic app. This was the reason behind the current success. The recently released Apple Beta builds for iOS 10.3 generated some user warning. Certain apps are no longer going to work with the future iOS versions. For continued improvement in compatibility, app developers will have to update these apps first. 

The Upcoming App Extinction with iOS 11

The users of the iPhone are quite eager to sample these promises from the new updates. It is going to end compatibility with the much-used old apps. Be ready to say goodbye to some utilities and games now. Developers may very well publish compatible, new app versions. However, many developers and companies related to the endangered apps are no longer even viable. As such, it is going to be almost impossible to resuscitate these programs.

Is it a second purge?

There is precedence to this from Apple though. In the year 2016, they removed 47,000+ apps from App Store. For this, they chose the programs without any updates for two years and more. Today, in view of the latest decision from the makers a second purging would have been a better solution. It would have been more elegant in every way. Allowing operating system updates to render many apps completely unusable seems like a harsh decision to many.

Apps we can expect to lose

According to the market watchers, this latest update is going to erase a number of apps from the iOS platform. Which are the most popular among these? Here below is a list for you.

  1. Canabalt
  2. Ocarina 
  3. Ridiculous Fishing
  4. Aquaria
  5. Great Lightsaber
  6. Hundreds 
  7. Peggle Classic

Add on Features Expected in iOS 11

Virtual Reality: In the technology world, everybody is going gaga over the newest addition to the block, virtual reality. It already has huge demands across worldwide markets. In the earlier iOS 10, the makers forgot to integrate VR special services. This would have facilitated device compatibility. In the genre, Google got the upper hand by not making the same mistake.

They are all set for Dayream VR launch with its gen next android platform. Since the archrival got better on technology front, Apple might undertake the virtual reality (VR) technology integration with iOS 11 launch. For its actual presence however, one has to wait and watch for now.

Better Siri: Siri is getting better and more efficient almost every year through Apple inputs. This happened during iOS 10 launch. To begin with, it was part of the Mac system and later on compatibility with third-party applications became possible. Today, users can very well use Siri in combination with WeChat and Whatsapp for sending and receiving messages. It is also possible to use this for calling apps via the various related apps. Now, with launch of iOS 11 in the offing, one can only expect improved compatibility with third-party applications. This might include SnapChat and Instagram among others.

More Scope for Customization: Control center related to iOS 10 is quite flexible today. This is in comparison to the earlier iOS versions. However, in comparison to the android users, there is still a long way to go before it one gets the full liberty. As the android user, you will be able to customize associated control center, the way you need. Thus, one can only believe that the upcoming iOS 11 update will bring more customization flexibility than before. The users would surely welcome such a move.

Safe Apple Pay: This digital wallet from Apple is today available only on the latest range of products from the manufacturers. One must know that this is not 100% protected in any way when it comes to making digital payments. Due to the presence of loopholes, hackers have already found their way. They can easily get your credit card and debit card information by hacking the program. This proves to be a big limitation for users of Apple Pay. Thus, one can surely hope that they will plug these loopholes in the latest OS version. This will increase the usability factor of this digital payment software.

Make the Phone Smarter: Direct reply from notification center is something that many hope to see in the newest iOS 11. Today, only iMessages make this feature available to the users. People would like the same service extended to some other applications. This includes Whatsapp, Messengers, and WeChat among other similar programs. Since the android users are already making the most of this fantastic feature, why should Apple deprive its users? Thus, one can only hope to get this with iOS 11. 

Better Battery Management: One of the biggest issues for the smart phone users relates to the battery. IPhone users are especially frustrated because even the newest version of the phone only contains 3000mAH battery. Doze Mode from android is one of the upcoming solutions to tackle this problem. Here, the intelligent phone will automatically turn on the saving mode of the battery. It identifies when the Smartphone is within bag or when the user does not handle it for long whiles. This naturally extends the battery life longer. Incorporating similar features in iOS 11 will surely increase the user satisfaction levels.

iOS 11 New Feature: Improved Maps Using Drone Data
Map apps continued updates are another expected feature in iOS 11. According to the Bloomberg report, Apple is thinking to begin the use of drone fleet, for improved mapping data. This game is in the hope of sinking the boundaries with its biggest rival Google. Indoor new navigation feature along with the use of drones will improve the overall Maps service. Drones flying will be able to capture information like street signs, road track changes, and under construction areas. The data they collect will reach Apple team for a rapid updates to Map app. This way, the users will always get the latest, updated information.

A sliver of hope

One does not have to worry too much about the banishing of the apps from iOS 11. There is plenty of time left. The makers are only making these apps incompatible with the new OS version. Custom iPhone app development experts can surely improve the capabilities with little TLC. Why worry when only a facelift might resolve the issues?

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