Social Media Marketing Strategy To Boost Your Marketing Results

Boost your Marketing Results
Integrating social media into your marketing strategy is the best way to deal with audiences who mostly hang out on these particular platforms. Point given, this marketing strategy enhances your capability in accumulating new customers while also strengthening your relationship with the loyal ones.
But how does this integration proceed successfully?
Here are specific hacks that you can implement on your social media marketing strategy to start boosting your marketing results.

1. Leave customer service to Twitter

leave customer service with%2Btwitter
Twitter Comments
Twitter has been a common platform for brands to market their services and products, but the platform itself can serve you various purposes. Leave it to Twitter when it comes to your customer service management. For this matter, you can try creating an account solely for the purpose of handling the queries and concerns of your customers and future customers. Talking about advantage from a customer’s point of view – it’s easier to communicate with your brand, either it’s a tweet or a direct message on the site;because the thing is, it runs on a real-time basis. Furthermore, your brand can easily monitor the tweets that may concern you and your target audience. Try it and see if it’d work for you! As they say, there’s no harm in trying.

2. Get updated with Facebook

updated with%2Bfb
Updated with FB
Similar to Google, Facebook can get a bit strict when it comes to their guidelines on its advertising features including Promoted Posts. With that said, it’s important to be updated with Facebook’s changes should you choose to advertise within the platform. In line with this, Facebook also changes its algorithm when it comes to the content that will appear on the users’ News Feed – hence, rules on promotions may have drastically changed. To keep updated with the giant social networking site, you may check this link.

Include your company’s complete address on your Facebook Page

company complete address min
Mention correct details
What more can you do with Facebook? Try adding your brand’s complete address to your Facebook Page to further boost customer engagement. More so, it also helps your Page rank given that many people checks in your brand through your Page. You may just need to ensure that your business is officially registered in the site as a local business – because the truth is, this does not work for everyone. Bring it to your advantage!

3. Take advantage of YouTube pop-ups!

Youtube pop%2Bup

Youtube Pop Up
In marketing, you’ll need to use tools that will encourage people to follow, subscribe, or like your social media channels. One example of which is a pop-up. For YouTube users, subscribing to a channel isn’t at all given attention given that the button is placed on the upper right corner of the page. In order to make a difference, why not try this pop-up subscribe button that would prompt your YouTube channel visitors to subscribe to your page?
4. Set contests on Instagram
Instagram Contests
Instagram has been growing a lot these days, and with 700,000,000 monthly visitors, it could be worth the risk for your marketing strategy. How, you may ask? One of the many instances that Instagram has been used for campaigns is through contests. This has been used by well-known brands such as Sony, Oppo, and Maybelline (Malaysia) in creating engagement between their brand and the people. You can simply ask people to post a picture, use your contest’s hashtag, and follow and tag your company’s profile. Then, ask other users to search the hashtag and vote for their own choice. This way, not only did you get tons of Instagram followers, but you have also increased your company’s brand awareness on the said social media channel.

5. Connect with people through Google+ Events!

Google+ Events
If your company’s hosting an event, then it’s a perfect opportunity to make use of the Google+ Events feature.You can easily send out personalized invitations to anyone, be it if they are a Google+ user or not, and even build brand awareness on Hangouts as the feature’s also connected to the said channel.More so, you can engage your attendees through the “Party Mode” feature, as it allows them to instantly upload their best selfies and groufies during the event.Now, what it does for you, is it collects all pictures into one album that can turn into a slideshow, and which you can show to your attendees at the closing of the event. They’ll surely appreciate it, and who knows? They might come back to your next event!

Key Takeaway

Given these hacks, much can be said when it comes to implementing social media in your marketing strategy. Because the truth is, boosting your marketing results through social media sites takes more than just posting content on a regular basis. For your brand to reach your target audience, you’ll need to extend further to successfully implement social media in your marketing strategy.

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