Run IOS Apps On Windows

If anyone questions you what is the revolutionary invention in 21st century? What will be your answer? No doubt that everyone says iPhone, iPad devices. Yes, we are here in latest technology that iPhones are the latest trend. Likely for iPhone devices apple Playstore was developed. Absolutely everyone can’t effort to buy iPhone. These have a lot of attributes and extensive features that we have accessing multitasking in iPhones.

These iPhones are used by all profession and occupations to manage their work and projects. Business persons and professionals are using these in completing and organizing works and projects. Students are using these apps to complete their assignments and projects without pressure in timeline. Shop owners and small scale industry persons are using to register all the cash payments.   Thus iPhones are found to be very adoptable in almost every field of persons.

Thus, they are completing and accessing to their projects. iPhones and iPads are using for all purposes like gaming, multimedia, programming, transferring data, mailing and much more. Everyone can’t effort these iPhones and iPads. But they felt sad without using amazing apps because they don’t have iPhone.

To avoid all those problems here is an alternate solution for you all. Yes, you can use those apps in android and windows pc. By using iOS emulators it will happen. Not familiar with iOS emulators. Don’t worry we are here to tell you everything.    

Run IOS Apps in Windows Pc/Laptop
Run IOS Apps in Windows Pc/Laptop

What is iOS emulator?

It is a mediator that is used to run all iOS apps in windows. Basically, iOS emulator is software which converts iOS applications to APK applications. It’s very easy to run IOS apps on Android mobiles. You just need IOS Emulator that’s it. You can run most of the iOS applications, games, and tools for android mobiles. You will get all features of iOS applications on your android mobile. iOS Emulator is available freely.  

Why iOS emulators are used?

Applications are designed as per OS standards. Hence we can use iOS apps in iPhones itself. They don’t show compatibility with other OS systems like android and windows. Hence these emulators will convert applications to run in other OS. If suppose iOS apps are converted into apk files to use in android systems.

In basic words, emulators are that product that gives clients a chance to run an element of one specific framework into another, regardless of the possibility that as a matter of course the default application doesn’t do that.  

It’s not possible for any user to buy  iOS device and one Android device to enjoy the features of both and companies don’t allow users to share applications on compared to one on one devices that’ why the emulators are becoming famous every daybecause they provide you the solution and get the benefits of those apps on your Android smartphone that were initially developed for iOS devices.  

How to run iOS apps in Windows 7/8/8.1/10?

Here I will provide you two methods to run iOS apps in windows. One is using iOS emulator and one is online method. Let us see the methods one by one.  

1. Using

This is an online site which is used to convert the apps. To run iOS files you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • First you need to download the iOS app which you need to run in windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Compress .zip or tar.gz file that may contain the downloaded .app file. 
  • Select file in the page and upload the app.
  • Your .app bundle must represent a simulator build of your app. Look in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/<project-name>/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/ 
  • Another Method, you can run xcodebuild –sdk ios emulator in your project directory, then zip the .app bundle in build/Release-iphonesimulator/ 
  • Below mention your email address and click on generate. 
  • Download links will be generated and emailed to your mentioned email address.
  • Open your email mentioned over there and click on the link and download the file.
  • Run them in windows systems.

2. Using iPadian Emulator

iPadian is a famous and best emulator to run iOS apps in windows. It is available in two versions. One is free and another is premium. . One is free and another one is of 10$ by which you can run any iOS app like Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. which you cannot run in free iPadian Emulator.

I strongly recommend you to buy their 10$ version as it’s totally worth every penny. Premium version of emulator which is totally ad free. But, still if you do not want to buy or don’t want to invest in the premium version of iPadian, then you can go with free version as well without any kind of issues.   

How to Install and run iPadian Emulator in Your Windows Computer:

To run, iPadian iPhone Emulator in your Computer, simply follow below steps.

  1. First of all, Download iPadian Emulator from below link.
  2. Double, Click on installation file which you have downloaded in above step.
  3. Follow, on screen options and Click on Next accordingly.
  4. Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator in your PC, you can follow further steps to run iOS apps in your Windows Computer.

Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator for iOS in your Windows. You will see iPadian icon on desktop.

  • Simply, do a double click on iPadian icon.
  • Now from their interface, simply click on store.
  • Enjoy with you favourite downloaded apps in ios emulator in PC.

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