Factors Related to the Expenditure(Cost) of Mobile App Development

At present, it is a good suggestion for enterprises to adopt mobile apps so as to gain the upper hand in the market and satiate the user-base. A typical query which arises is the expenditure associated with mobile app development. A skilled professional can be made use of to design an intricate mobile app. They provide insight with relation to each phase of development and evaluate the best quote.
The cost associated with mobile app development needs exhaustive research, graphic design, visual design, UI/UX design and much more.
mobile apps development cost
Mobile App Development

Deciding App Platform

App platform and its type play a major role in evaluating the cost. iOS apps cost less than Android Apps. Hybrid apps can be developed quickly and with less cost when associated with native apps.

Research & Analysis

A deep study of the current market trends, the demographics of the users and the such have to be done so that it helps in identifying the target audience. This needs 20 to 40 hours


The concept of prototyping generally takes 40 to 80 hours encompassing UX design and usability testing. An app with too many screens are expensive. Also to be contemplated is the plethora of interface designs related to the screen sizes.

Visual Designing

This aspect consumes 80 to 200 hours or much more. Related to app complexity, various softwares have to be manipulated to enhance the look and feel related to an app.
Additional parameters encompass the developer’s proficiency, intricate nature of the app and the location base. The typical cost associated with app design is $2000 to $35000 and more.
Hourly rate for the designer and the inclusion of features like chat, video streaming and the such also contributes to the cost factor and usage must also be taken into account.
The design cost for app development India is $ 10 to 25 per hour
The intricate nature of an app also plays an important role related to factoring its cost.
Simple apps require 100 to 150 hours and the cost will begin at $5000 related to hourly average of $50 while super advanced apps need more than 400 hours and are estimated at $20000 with the same hourly average.
The various other factors which determine the app cost encompasses the quality, platforms, functionality with regards to app type and more. It is best to go with a reputed and proficient mobile app development agency.


The cost for developing mobile app relates to several parameters ranging from good UI/UX design, mobile platform, the app’s complexity, custom elements and much more. To promote good ROI it is best to implement innovative and amazing app designs to get an upper hand over the rivals.

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