Microsoft Xbox 2 Might Be The Most Powerful Console Ever Built

US based tech giants Microsoft have been one of the most talked about It concerns among gaming enthusiasts post the E3 2016 conference last year and the reasons for this are more or less really plausible. The company, who have garnered huge critical acclaim for its Xbox line of gaming consoles have opened up reports of yet another revolutionary offering which is slated to surface sometime this year itself. Xbox President Phil Spencer took the stage in the final moments of the E3 2016 Microsoft press conference and announced that they were working on a new console. Not just any console either, he promised it would be “the most powerful console ever built.” The presentation showed at the event boasted of the best engineers in the country expressing their opinions on a future Xbox and by the looks of it, the premise surrounding the device is keeping on getting bigger and better.
Microsoft Xbox 2
Now, in an age where 4K resolution and VR technology is prevalent, gaming enthusiasts want the best of the best when they are playing the latest rolled out games. The Xbox2 , called the Project Scorpio by the company, is slated to incorporate both these technologies making it the first console to feature gaming in Native 4k resolution.
Now concrete details pertaining to the Xbox 2 are completely non-existent as of now, and by the looks it, things will stay this way for quite sometime until Microsoft decides to shed some light on their console. One bit of confirmed details pertaining to the upcoming console states that the Xbox 2 will to feature 6 teraflops(trillion floating point operations per second) of graphical computing performance as well as an eight-core AMD APU making it perfectly compatible to successfully support gaming in 4K resolution.
But the biggest topic of discussion among tech enthusiasts is definitely pertaining to the release date of this premium console by the US tech fimr. Although, the statement at E3 did maintain that the Xbox 2 would make an appearance in late 2017, that might not materailise considering the fact that areas like 4K and VR are still under significant development. Nevertheless, if the Xbox 2 does surface in 2017, it will most likely be rolled out in the month of November, judging by the pattern Microsoft follows for their console releases.
Another very significant area of concern involving the Xbox 2 is surrounding how much the console will cost once it is rolled out. Considering the fact that the gaming industry does involve shelling out quite some serious bit of money, the Xbox 2 is expected to be aptly priced according to market standards. The Xbox One came at a standalone price of $399 which was touted unreasonably expensive by a number of people owing to its lack of advancement from its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The Xbox Two will no doubt feature a scale up in the pricing with our best bet being at a price of around $450 to $500. if anyone looking for xbox on your pc try xbox one emulator.
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