Martial Arts for Depression; How Martial Arts can be A Cure for Depression!

Are you or your near one is suffering from depression? Are you running on some medicines to cure it? Medication is designed to help sufferers, but medication alone is not enough.

Depression is much more than a low mood. It is a mental health disorder resulting in low self-esteem and loss of interest in activities. It impacts both physical and mental health, becoming a severe health condition can even lead to suicide.

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Even to get out of bed, takes a lot of energy for people suffering from depression. It has a significant impact on their personal and professional life. As per WHO report, more than 300 million people are suffering from depression, leading to the death of 800 000 people by committing suicide.
Depression is not always treated the way it deserves. In addition to medication and counselling, it is recommended to join some physical exercise.

Joining a martial arts along with your medication can help you to combat this illness. Martial art is very beneficial for the body, but do you know it can give a great benefit to mind also?

Practicing Martial Arts Makes Hormonal Changes

Whenever you feel stressed, your body releases cortisol hormone at higher levels which makes you feel depressed and you start feeling helpless of participating in any of your household or outdoor activities. By practicing martial arts, your body starts releasing endorphins and reduces the flow of depressive hormones that helps in elevating good feelings by taking your worries off of your mind and making you happy.

Socializing Helps in Changing Mood

Martial arts session is a break from depression. In the sessions, while socializing with different people, your mind diverts and boosts good feelings that help to cope up your stress levels. Training sessions are safe, healthy and entertaining for those who are holding too much stress for more extended periods in their daily lives.

Martial Marts Makes Your Thinking Optimistic

Training makes you tough both physically and mentally while handling obstacles and challenges of training sessions. Martial art classes make you stronger and turn your weaknesses into strengths and ones you are strong in classes you will start fighting with your negative thoughts and even give your views an optimistic approach.

A Boost in the Confidence Level

Martial art training includes a series of goals, and you need to put a lot of efforts to accomplish your goals. Achieving a set target is a big achievement, and it helps a lot of depressed people, as the feeling that they are capable of doing and achieving what they have set for themselves will help in regaining their self-esteem, which in turn will help in boosting their interest in daily life activities. You will start facing challenges of life instead of choosing avoidance.

Reduces Distractive Thoughts

Vital elements of martial arts are focus and concentration, as even a microsecond of distraction from an opponent can take you away from your goal. As distorted thinking is a common symptom of depression, martial arts help in increasing concentration and reducing destructive thoughts that cause sadness.

Gives Quality Sleep

A person suffering from depression faces difficulty in falling asleep. Lack of sleep also increases the higher level of release of the depressive hormone in your body. By training martial arts, your body gets tired enough to make you fall asleep easily at night, even when the depressive thoughts are clouding your mind. By getting sound sleep, you are giving rest to your stress mind also which helps in managing your depression to a greater extent.

Exercising martial arts will not help in reducing depression, but will also help in preventing it. A Positive environment and encouraging instructors will surely help you from getting out of this deadly suffering and you will start self-believing yourself again in life.

So, are you ready to punch your depression now? Don’t let the past failures or feeling of worthlessness overpowers you, join martial arts classes and give it a chance to make you feel better.

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