Is Data Safe in the Cloud? or Is The Data Saved in the Cloud Really Safe?

Recent topics on “hacking” and “surveillance” are big news than the next “iPhone (iPhone)” to be released within the year. Nonetheless, companies such as Google, Apple, and Drop Box encourage people to save photos and even valuable materials at the time in the cloud.
Is Data Safe in the Cloud
But this cloud, in fact it is a huge server group lining up in data centers all over the world. Will not problems arise if hundreds of millions of personal information is stored in one place?
Last August, the drop box was forced to reset the password of the account for 68 million people in response to the information leakage that occurred in 2012. Everyone who owns an e-mail address will continue to fight against phishing scams, but in 2014 Apple’s cloud service “iCloud” suffered similar attacks, celebrity pictures and others leaked out. Is there a place to avoid hackers’ attacks without worrying?
Although not well known, a system called “personal cloud” that can store data on a hard drive at home and access it from anywhere online is attracting attention. Although these products are offered by Western digital and Seagate technologies of the United States hard disk drive (HDD), it is a system using the home network and since the manufacturer and the user are only known connection method, possibility of hacking is also That’s less and that’s where the need of cloud security data software arises too so that data can be securely both on remote as well as on PC.
Of course, there is also a problem with this personal cloud. Google and Apple services provide security for 24 hours, but in the case of individuals they have to take countermeasures against hackers themselves. If there is a malfunction of the equipment, important data may disappear.
Nonetheless, security and privacy are important to everyone and everyone has to consider. The advantages and disadvantages of each are summarized below.

Public cloud service


Advantages: Public Cloud service is nothing better than a major cloud service in that you can access your data reliably from any device connected to the net. In the drop box you can save 1 terabyte of data per year if you pay 100 dollars. There is also a mechanism that folders are synchronized like a magic. On the other hand, Google and Apple’s cloud services make it easy to store photos and videos and easily migrate data before smart phones and laptops are full.
There may be opinions that these services are the most fulfilling measures against hackers. In addition to encrypting our data stored on the server, companies are always keeping their eyes on dubious movements and dangerous sites. There are cases in which a hacker who finds vulnerability of its service is given a reward. As mentioned earlier, the drop box was hacked in 2012, but users did not lose data as they devised a password storage method. Mark Crosby, who controls the company’s security department, says that it is important to “provide long-term protection from constant evolving threats”.
Disadvantage: To use the public cloud, you have to pay a usage fee. If you use it for two years, it will be enough to buy a hard drive. Also, although it does not occur frequently, there are cases where the service temporarily goes down.
Public clouds may be the most horrible place for those concerned about government monitoring and privacy. Personal information is placed in places where it cannot reach itself. While Apple does not analyze user data, Google sells data analysis and arrangement functions as a sale. In any case, since the company holds the key to solve at least a part of the encrypted user’s file, it may provide data if ordered from the court (such as Google, Apple, and drop boxes such as drop box) Companies reveal how often such things happen). Nobody knows what will happen if the law changes.
To use it more safely: Too many people reuse already used passwords on the cloud. This should be avoided. Setting a double password (2FA) is troublesome, but when you log in, the passcode will reach messages, applications, and so on. Although this is not perfect, even if the first password is known to a hacker it can prevent intrusion.
For personal information such as tax payment documents that are particularly important, you may want to encrypt it using a different password and save it in the cloud. You should use File folder Vaults if you are using Mac, or Microsoft ‘s BitLocker if you are using Windows .

Personal cloud

Benefits: Data is always on hand. Also, “anonymity” by managing the cloud by individuals is effective as a measure against hackers. A monetary hacker pokes the weakest part of the biggest target. It will not seem to break into an individual’s network and look for a cloud server. Another advantage is that nobody knows the password other than me.
Drive for personal cloud takes initial cost, but monthly expenses are not necessary, which may result in cheaper results. Apollo of Promise Technology is $ 400 for 4 Terabytes. It is my favorite. Reima of $ 130 connects to USB drive and uses it. Also, many of the personal clouds can use capacity in collaboration with family members and colleagues, each of which can acquire its own login name. It is also possible to back up photos in smart phones through Wi-Fi (WiFi, wireless LAN).
Disadvantage: Are you ready to start a server business individually? All four personal clouds I tried were easy to set up, but I will keep myself managed. There is no way to access the data on the cloud if the Internet connection at home is interrupted or there is a power outage. And the threat of new hacking only trusts the company to update the software.
Although the usage of the personal cloud is getting easier, it does not qualify as a drop box in that respect. Also there are no products that are as highly coupled as Apple’s iCloud. Furthermore, if you want to acquire data from the personal cloud, it will depend on the uplink speed of the net connection. The uplink speed is often much slower than the downlink speed.
To use it more securely: When using personal cloud, it is important to securely set home Wi – Fi password and to update the router’s software. Also remember that hard drives often break down at the worst possible timing. If Apollo and Reamer purchase additional devices, they will always keep overwriting the data in preparation for theft, fire or malfunction.

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