Is RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate suitable for my E-commerce Website?

Ecommerce is booming sector and many people are connecting day by day to it. Thanks to awareness that spread across the globe. Ecommerce made our life simple though there is issue like cybercrime, online theft, and data sniffing also rising with the evolution of Ecommerce.

In this way, SSL certificate can be a source of help for ecommerce especially when it is a matter of saving login credentials and payment information over the website. According to Symantec ISTR 2017 report, there is one in 1846 emails found to be phishing email while the most affected industry is Agriculture and finance industry. There were 4.2% websites were used for dropping malicious content and malvertising in 2016.  

Ecommerce owner always takes care of their customers’ data privacy. Hence, they search for better and of course cheap SSL solution around them. In this article, You can find best SSL certificate named RapidSSL Wildcard that is not only affordable but also offers modern encryption standard to your online presence of business. Symantec also advised organizations to use SSL certificate for best security practice.  

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RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

Why RapidSSL Wildcard?

If we talk about RapidSSL Wildcard then it is ideal for ecommerce, payment processors, and other websites. The main advantage of this certificate is an ability to secure unlimited sub domains under a single SSL certificate.

Once you have this SSL certificate on your store, your all-first level sub domains will be secured automatically. You do not need to spend extra penny for each sub domains’ security.   For example, RapidSSL Wildcard purchased for * can secure below sub domains:  


Where to find Cheap RapidSSL Wildcard?

When you moving your eyes around you, there are many options/providers available in SSL industry that are ready to provide you desired SSL at unbelievable price. Today, we would like to know you one of the cheapest SSL certificates provider aka Cheap SSL Shop that offers same quality SSL but at lowest price.

You can get RapidSSL Wildcard at cheapest price for your online store. The most beneficial thing with this provider is 24/7 continuous support, modern encryption and naturally cheapest price in SSL industry. Moreover, you will have added the advantage of 30-days refund policy in case if you dislike product for any reason, you can full refund immediately. You will get features as discussed bellow with RapidSSL Wildcard certificate.  

Features of RapidSSL Wildcard:

Let us have some look upon features of RapidSSL Wildcard that makes it worth among other SSL certificates.

Unlimited sub domains: RapidSSL Wildcard offers single security shelter for all sub domains related to main domain. It makes SSL management easy, so the certificate renewal, reissue, expiry can be managed easily.  

Robust Encryption: As per CA/Browser forum and NIST guideline, the certificate follows 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root encryption that makes brute force attack and other attacks impossible. Customers on your website can enjoy seamless browsing without any fear of data interception.  

Supports WWW and non-WWW: For example, the certificate purchased for domain like * will work with and both.   Fast

Issuance: RapidSSL Wildcard follows domain validation process, which needs no legal paperwork or in-depth verification. Therefore, the certificate takes usually 15-20 minutes in issuance. A store owner instantly secures website and its sub domains on server with backup of strong encryption.  

Unlimited server licenses: In case you loss of private key or installation on multiple servers, you can reissue the certificate at free of cost. There is no cost involved in unlimited server licenses.  

Browser compatibility: Whether you are using browser over desktop or mobile, you will have compatibility with this SSL certificate. Your browser will not show any kind of warning when you surf website.  

Warranty: RapidSSL Wildcard certificate provides USD $10,000 NetSure warranty in case mis-issuance.  

At Finally:

RapidSSL Wildcard is an ideal choice for ecommerce website that keeps intruders away from your website and maintains customer’s faith in your website. In the series of Wildcard Certificate offered from different brands, RapidSSL is best, cheaper and authenticate SSL certificate that every ecommerce owner should think before deciding purchase decision.  

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