Is FaceTime Secure or Not?

Today the entire world is a part of a pandemic crisis, and for the safety of the people, social distancing is mandatory. The lockdown has been enabled, depriving people to socialize, among others, in such a time one turns towards their phone for any social contact. Facetime is an Apple service that allows its users to make video and audio calls to their connections who use iOS or iPad or Mac via Wi-Fi, LTE.

About The Facetime App

Now a little about the app itself, FaceTime audio and video works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and only audio call works on HomePad and Apple Watch. It is available in about 35 languages allowing diversity and variation in its users.

To use this app, it is straightforward, and anyone at age four can use it and above. If you need to make a call to an iPhone, dial the number, and if the request is to be placed to an iPad/Mac computer, use their email address. A FaceTime call will ring on all Mac devices so that the user is available and reachable at all times, based on the user’s preferences the feature can be altered or on the whole be turned off.

Facetime App Features

Coming to the features as described by Apple themself is

  • Contacts can be reached using the phone number or Apple ID.
  • Allows both audio and video calls to your fellow Apple user contacts.
  • FaceTime, with up to 32 people at once using Group FaceTime, it sends a ringless notification to the participants which they can tap and join.
  • Effects such as Animoji and options to place stickers during a call and much more are the additional features available on FaceTime.
  • Picture in Picture view allows the caller to see what the other person can know about them.
  • The front camera can be used to examine the caller’s face and the rear-view camera to show their surroundings to their friends.
  • Favorites are created for quick access.
  • FaceTime calls are integrated into the recent call list in the phone app.
  • Works over Wi-Fi (iPhone 4 and later models) and cellular network (iPhone 4s and later models).

Apps are among the critical elements of modern security architecture. While apps provide numerous benefits to their users, they also have a potential threat to system security and user data if not appropriately handled. Apple thereby provides layers of protection to make sure that apps are free of any malware or tampered with.

Is Facetime Secure? | Is it Possible to Hack Facetime Call?

FaceTime is very secure and also maintains the privacy of its users. It uses end to end encryption, which ensures that no one can listen in or join into a conversation without permission. It is hack-proof, and it is not stored or recorded by Apple. A unique ID for the users is created to make calls adequately routed and connected. No location information is stored or used during FaceTime registration or FaceTime conversation. The sender and receiver can only access their data. Apple cannot decrypt the data.

“Prevention is better than cure” is a well-known principle we follow today, based on this, the users themselves can take a few precautionary measures to ensure their data is safe and private.

  • A secure internet connection adds to security.
  • Only answer FaceTime calls from known and trusted people.
  • Calls preferably should be made using a private internet connection or mobile network rather than using public free internet.
  • Control who has access to your device and secure it with a password.
  • Two-step verification can be enabled for the user ID. This requires the person to sign-in to verify their identity. Even if the password is compromised, the person trying to sign-in requires another one of the user’s devices to gain access.

When the user gets unknown or unwanted FaceTime calls, there is an in-built blocking feature in the contacts app, the user needs to bring up the contact card and select “block this number.” A blocked number cannot FaceTime the user unless unblocked at any time.

FaceTime can be used to make calls between Apple users, whereas between Apple users and Android user’s they need to use regular phone calls or other video services. FaceTime is available in almost all countries except for the United Arab Emirates. If your device is bought in UAE or China, this feature will be disabled if used in any other country.


With the scenario as of today, socializing in public has become a threat to one’s health. Everyone would be missing someone during these times, and all one needs to do is to open their phone and dial away.

FaceTime is secure and also maintains the privacy of its users which can be enhanced by using the router admin login site. Its secure way to connect with family and friends around the world during a crisis like this one. Be it a friend, a family member, or work-related FaceTime allows safe communication from the comfort of one’s home.

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