How to Share Sarahah Messages On Facebook: What and Uses

How to share sarahah messages on facebook – Most asked questions on google. Since there is a constant rise in the graph of the popularity of social media, the market is offering new websites in competition with the famous Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Similarly, a new website Sarahah is launched, coming up with a bang and hitting the market like a storm. This site is driving people insane and every second person is joining it, without knowing what it is all about. So in this article, we will be doing a brief analysis of Sarahah.

A website (also available as the mobile app for smartphone consumers) was developed in June this year, by ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Sarahah itself is an Arabic word which means “honesty” it is clear from the meaning that is the unique app is all about honest comments a review about people.

In layman’s language, Sarahah allows users to give honest review and comment about their friends or colleagues, keeping their identity hidden at the same time.

When the downloading is done, the user can share the link to the Facebook or any other site. This will help his friends and coworkers to message him, who are and those who are not on the website. But obviously, their identity will be hidden.

Furthermore, after joining users can find other people with their usernames on the search bar and message them. The Message tabs on the app will get a hold on all the messages you sent and received. Also, the favorite messages with the heart sign are there.

Now, as we know that this is a unique concept and misuse can lead to trouble. Therefore, the developer of sarahah is taking care of the security concern by providing a private policy section. You can make the setting as per your desire.

Besides the regular reporting and block the troubling user, the option of replying and heart to favorite messages is as well. Consequently, it’s up to you if you want to publish your message on Facebook or WhatsApp or not.

Sarahah permits users to post their messages on other sites; one of them is a well-known snapchat. Now the steps to post sarahah message on snapchat are as below:
  • The right side of the snap where you add stickers or comment a small paper clip will appear
  • Paste the link of sarahah on this option
  • Now click on send and your sarahah message will be there on the stories
Furthermore, how to share sarahah messages on facebook: you can publish Sarah messages on facebook by using the simple steps below:
  • Login to the Sarahah app and option messages folder
Registration Page
  • Click on the received messages, leading to the share icon given below on that page
  • Afterward, you will see the list of all the sites you want to publish, select Facebook
  • This will directly lead you to Facebook, select post and your sarahah message is there on the facebook wall.
Sarahah is providing a great way to convey your messages to your loved ones about their strengths and weaknesses, without thinking of their sentiments and relationship. But the point is that it’s up to you how you use it. The app no doubt is the latest buzz in town and has managed to get some million followers in few months.

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