How to fix hp printer that prints blank pages

HP printers are way too good with the services that they provide to the users from time to time. They have been amazing with the outputs and satisfying their customers for a very long time. However, we must understand that this is a machine just like any other and could face issues that could be technical or due to mishandling. Such issues might be irresistible but possible to be solved.

A similar issue which is usually seen in HP printers that HP printer printing black pages which in spite of the fact that the users give commands to the device, the HP printer fails to process the command in the desired way and instead gives you blank pages as the output. The users must not get worried about the same as this could be resolved within a few minutes if the correct steps are followed in the right manner.

How to fix hp printer prints blank pages
How to fix hp printer that prints blank pages

This article is focused upon the HP printer printing blank pages issue and the solution for the same which would allow you to get back to the normal and efficient working of your HP printer. The steps and methods that are mentioned below would not take much of your time and neither would it require you to spend a considerable amount of money.

So let us now look at the HP printer that printing blank pages issues with more focus and try to resolve them.

First of all, you must be sure of the reason that is causing the HP printer that printing blank pages problem to your printer and then work accordingly with the solutions or methods. Some of the reasons which might be the possible cause of such an issue are mentioned below.

6 Simple and easy fix:

  1. The ink cartridges that are installed in your HP printer might be out of ink or have less ink than required to print a specific document. So you must remove the existing cartridges and add the new ones.
  2. The positioning of the ink cartridges might not be right and appropriate.
  3. The HP printer might be out of printing papers that are required for the printing command to be successful.
  4. The document that you have set for the printing process might have a few pages in between which are blank and you might have not noticed the same.
  5. The printing sheets might have been stuck in the printer tray or the printer head which must be removed before you start with the printing process.
  6. The software or the printer drivers that are presently existing on your printer might not be efficient or updated to carry out these specific print commands given by you at present. Hence, they must be either replaced or updated.

A few of the general methods to get out of the HP printer printing blank pages issues could be e as mentioned below.

1. Check and replace the existing cartridges

Have a look at the ink cartridges or the toner cartridges that are placed in your HP printer. In case they are either dried up or not enough for the printing you must replace them as soon as possible or they would not allow you to process any of your print commands.

2. Clear the printer head

Make sure that you have enough printing papers in your HP printer printing tray to carry out the printing process required. In case there are enough papers in the printer you must make sure that none of them are stuck inside the printer head which might hamper the usual working of the same.

3. Updating the existing printer drivers and software

There might be a chance that the software and printer drivers that are installed in your printer might not be efficient or suitable for the present working of the same and thus you must make sure that the printer drivers are well updated. For the same, you must visit the HP official website and search for suitable printer drivers which are then to be downloaded and installed in the correct manner.

4. Inappropriate Printer settings

On an off chance, the printer that you are using might have settings that are against the printing process of your HP printer and you must change them to get rid of the HP printer printing blank pages issue. Follow the below-mentioned steps for the same.

  • Open the ‘printers and devices’ option on the control panel of your device that you are using and then right-click on the same.
  • Go to the ‘maintenance section’ and press on the option that says ‘extended settings’.
  • A new window opens which is titled ‘extended settings’. You might see options saying ‘skip blank pages’.
  • You must click on the same and then move forward by clicking on the ok button.
  • The changes are saved by the device and would allow the HP printer printing blank pages to be avoided the next time.

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