How To Find Your Netflix Password Without Resetting It

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This gave an idea to write this article. As of now, There is no real way to recover your Netflix password without resetting it,

How to reset the your netflex password

  • Please visit
  • Select Text Message (SMS) to reset your password.
  • Enter the phone number that is associated with your account.
  • Choose Text Me.
  • A verification code will be sent to you to enter to reset your password.

But we can use several methods to handle the password. Let see in belief below,

Netflix is a great place to watch quality movies and great TV shows from different cultures, but it’s straightforward to lose your Netflix password or forget it, especially when you’re in a rush. Resetting a Netflix password can be a lengthy process, so we understand if you want to watch your movie or TV show without the hassle.

In this article, we will cover other 9 ways to find your Netflix password.

Write It Down The Old-fashioned Way

It may not be safe to write your Netflix password online or on a device for security reasons. However, you can still grab a pen and write it down in your journal, at the back of your calendar, or in your planner the second you create your account on Netflix. To make it easier for your eyes to detect your password right away, use a brightly colored pen or a marker. This way, every time you forget it, it will be very easily accessible to you.

Think About What Passwords You Usually Use

Chances are, there are a few passwords you use across all your accounts. Try to remember them all, write them down, and use the most pertinent ones to unlock your Netflix account. This requires you to pick your brain, but there’s a high chance you’ll recover your password off the top of your head.

Use Your Browser To Save Your Password

Every time you type in your Netflix password, your browser should have a pop-up that asks you whether it should save the password. Google can store all your passwords for you, but we wouldn’t recommend keeping especially sensitive information such as your net-banking password. Click yes, and the next time, your browser will auto-fill your password for you. This is a straightforward way never to forget your password, as it’s just a click away.

Tell Your Password To Someone You Trust

If you have a friend or family member with a perfect memory, tell them your Netflix password. Or better yet, ask them to write down your password too. Even if you lose wherever you wrote down your password, you’ll still have access.

You can also set your Netflix password to an inside joke between the two of you, so you two will be the only people in the world with the password. However, be cautious about whom you share your password with. If you forget it, give them a call or a text, and you’ll regain access to your account without having to reset your password.

Use Something Personal As Your Password

Birthdays and names are easily hackable, so think instead about obscure things about your life only you would know. For example, your first pet’s name, favorite beverage, a song name, or the sport you watch every Sunday. Choose something close to you, add some alphanumeric characters, and you will have a strong password that you won’t forget. You can even create your code by replacing individual letters with specific characteristics. For example, zero replaces o, $ replaces s, and so on.

Use A Password Manager

Although keeping all your passwords in one place might not be the brightest of ideas, some password managers(like 1password, Dashlane, Empress, and others) allow users to store a list of their passwords securely. If you find yourself regularly struggling with remembering multiple passwords, this might be the best method for you.

Make Your Password An Entire Sentence

Have a quote from your favorite book you love? Or a saying by someone famous you look up to? Or a medium-length song lyric? Use it as your Netflix password. A long, specific password should be quite challenging to hack, but if you want to make it more secure, add your favorite number at the end.

Use A Different Language Altogether For Your Password

Weather pig Latin, French, or Spanish (or your mother tongue, just transferred to English), using a different language for your password can help you forget. Again, choose a word or phrase that means something to you, which wouldn’t be common knowledge.

Improve Your Memory

If you find yourself frequently forgetting passwords, try improving your memory. Some easy ways to do this are to learn something new every day (A new word or fact works perfectly), try learning some tricks like a mind palace or mnemonics, getting enough sleep, etc. This ensures that your brain isn’t foggy and establishes a regular exercise routine.


There is no real way to recover your Netflix password without resetting it. Using these tricks, forgetting passwords shouldn’t be a problem anymore across Netflix or any other platform. You may need to open a new account if nothing works, and you can do so via FreeAccountsOnline If this article was helpful, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day.

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