How to Choose a Laser Printer; Laser Printer Buying Guide

How to Choose a Laser Printer? Choosing from Inkjet or Laser printers highly depends on the printing needs. If the person needs fast and high-quality printing, then the laser printer is best suited for the job. But how to choose the best laser printer when you have a huge list in front? Don’t worry, the below-written printer buying guide can assist you in selecting the suited one.

Most of the buyers are still confused with Inkjet or Laser printer. Firstly it is important to check its advantages over Inkjet printers.
  • It requires no Ink:
Laser printers do not yield printables by using Ink, rather they use toner. Toner is basically iron and plastic particles which melt on the paper using the heat rollers. With the absence of ink, it’s a clear advantage as there is nothing to dry up in the printer. Ink cartridges usually dry up when not in use for a longer time but this is not in the case with laser printers.
  • Cheap in Operations:
When your costs of printing s disturbing your budget, it’s better to switch for Laser printers. InkJet printers have less initial costs but the ink is highly expensive. On another hand, the laser printers will cost you more initially but it offers you a very limited cost per page than inkjet.
  • Waterproof printing:
Prints from Inkjet printers generally smear when it comes in contact with water, but this is not the case with Laser printing. The plastic material is melted to the sheet and the print is not affected when comes in contact with water.
  • High-quality printing:
when it comes to print documents, laser printers win the race. They have been standardized by various organizations to print the documents. Also, there is a huge difference in the printing quality with both the printers.

Points to consider before buying any laser printer:

Select the laser printer as per your print needs:

Regular printing can cost you high and only a laser printer can help you to be on the budget. There are several printers in the market which have a print capacity of over thousands of pages with a single toner. Therefore, the bigger the model you select, the more pages you can print per toner cartridge. This will help you to bear the high cost of printing and bring it to the average of 3 cents per page. So, before you purchase any laser printer, calculate your rough idea with the daily prints and select the suitable model.

Compare prices and model features:

Laser printers are indeed costly and bulky than the inkjet printers. But when you have to print at the larger scale, the laser printers are best suited for higher quality and speed as compared to the inkjet printers. When you are benefited with well worth, it is better to go with the larger laser printer than inkjet.

Check the reliability:

The customer review is the best tool to check the working quality of any featured device. Make a list of some laser printers you are interested in. Sort it with respect to initial costs, consumable costs, size, features and all other things you are looking for.    Now, Google for the customer previews of all these products. These product reviews are generally true as people share their experiences with respect to that product. As a matter of fact, laser printers are known for their high yield of printing and working life. Many of them are capable to produce 30,000 plus pages in a month and a longer service life. Many users still own laser printers which they have bought 10 years ago.

Consumables and repairs:

For long service life, it is better to get your device services on time. Make sure that when you are purchasing a laser printer, its spares are easily available in the market.  Another point of consideration is the consumable costs. Laser printers use toners to print pages and these consumables vary in price and print yield. Make the choice with your printing requirements.

Negotiate the Prices:

Not only in the case of printers, before buying any particular device, it’s better to consult two- three sellers either online or offline. Most of the dealers provide discounts and other offers on printers, so why miss such an opportunity.  In conclusion, Laser printers are way more reliable and affordable.

They have a high service life and are cheap compared to the inkjet printers. On reading the above guide, it will be easy for you to select a suitable laser printer.  

Author Bio:David Blakey is a blogger by profession with 5 years of experience. He is associated with a Hot Toner, selling epson workforce wf-3640 ink cartridges online in Australia. 

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