How to buy a laptop preloaded with Ubuntu

The Ubuntu operating system is a distribution of Linux. It works very easily and smoothly in its entirety. It suits all basic requirements in working for either home, or school or an organisation. The main plus point is that this operating system’s download is free, widely available, easily accessible, secure and absolutely open source. However, its open source availablity has caused the sharing statistics of the market to represent it as under 1%, which is clearly not the scene.  

Buying a laptop preloaded with Ubuntu from an authentic vendor will not only help you save time from the hassle of installing it personally, but it will also make sure that you can contact to us or to the vendor for support directly in case any technical faults might arise. There are some good distributors which can get you a laptop which has Ubuntu already loaded in it. These provide international services as well.

Here is the list of the suppliers providing the laptop preloaded with ubuntu:

1. ZaReason

This one is based in California and installs a number of open source as well as free operating systems on the laptops, websites, computer desktops. Ubuntu and many other distributions of Linux can be availed here. It provides shipping to international nations too.

2. Los Alamos computers

This one is based in New Mexico and has some known and popular names to its credit services. It ships internationally too. This one gets you your personal choice of the Linux softwares to be installed on your laptop and Ubuntu, Debian, gNEWSENSE are some must recommendations from their side.

3. LinuxCertified

It is based in California and offers training and customisation services apart from the installation of the Ubuntu. It provides many other softwares of the Linux like the openSUSE and Fedora. It gives international shipping services as well.

4. EmperorLinux

It is based in Atlanta and has a wide reach in several kind of working sections, including international ones. It allows the buyer to use his own discretion in choosing the hardware, the partition setup of their machine and the kind of Linux they want. It gives full support of the hardware under Linux. 

5. System76

This vendor is based in Colorado and is the most recommended by the forum members of Ubuntu. It specialises in providing Ubuntu based laptops, servers and desktops. It is fast gaining popularity in UK, US, Canada, etc. It aims to provide world class hardware and software services by making it easy for its expanded consumers. They do not comprise on hardware’s quality and so, aren’t lowly priced.

6. Dell

It is one of the major and trusted sources of Linux based Ubuntu laptops for business owners and developers. It is grounded in Texas and is providing preloaded Ubuntu on some select models since 2007. International services are much popular. The Dell XPS 13 is considered as one of the most amazing models ever mainly because of its ‘developer edition’s and its specifications are brilliant too.

7. Entroware

The laptop ranges of Entroware are stylish and best in functioning. It sells both affordable as well as pricey laptops. Its configurations are suited for both the professionals and the students. Its ready support for the requirements of the clients makes it one of the important vendor of Ubuntu Linux distributions.


Here were some of the best and most liked vendors of the laptops that has Ubuntu preinstalled in it. Trusted distributors make for an user-friendly experience. Inspite of the gross underrepresentation in the sales statistics, Linux has always strived for providing the best services to its consumers.

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