Is Showbox Safe, Is Showbox Legal or Illegal and What is Showbox

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ShowBox is a free android application.Yes, it is an absolutely free video streaming app. Hence the users need not pay anything from their pocket, unlike other popular video streaming apps.

ShowBox: How safe it is to use


What Is Showbox?

What is Showbox? ShowBox is a free android application, Which has a huge database of TV Shows and movies and users can access all the content for free.

Along with Android devices, ShowBox can also be used in Blackberry and Kindle as well as PCs and Macs.

In this era of video streaming, the first thing comes to your mind is “NetFlix”. But what if you do not want to pay the subscription fees and still you don’t want to miss the trend of video streaming? There is an alternative which will give you access to thousands of videos and movies and yet they will not charge a penny and it is known as Showbox.

How to use Showbox?

Due to free video streaming feature of ShowBox, it does not fit the copyright code of Google Play Store and thus it is not present in Play Store. Hence the users have to install this app from external sources.

Before doing so, the users have to go to “Settings” first, and then under Settings, they have to go to “Security” and under Security section, they have turn on “Unknown Sources” option to allow their devices to download those apps which are not present in the Google Play Store. Once it is done, the users can download the external ShowBox file from a reliable source and then install the app in their Android device and then they can use it.

Is Showbox Safe, Is Showbox Legal or Illegal?

The app is too good to be true for the users and hence a lot of them are raising questions that whether this app is safe to use in their device.
  • What Law Says?

Many people argue that if downloading torrent file is considered safe and legal, then using ShowBox should be legal too. People download contents from other sources which may be illegal anti-piracy protected and hence it is illegal.

Video streaming can also be illegal in case if it is done for a large public consumption or performance, but if is it is done for only yourself or your family and friends, then by law it is not illegal.

  • The Software Side:
ShowBox is not available in Google Play Store and hence it does not go through the basic screening of Google which assures the safety of an app. Though Google screening doesn’t guarantee cent per cent malware free apps, still it has more credibility than outside sources.
There are many reports and other bugs about ShowBox by many users, but anybody is yet to complain data stealing or hacking through ShowBox app.

The Final Verdict:

So we see using ShowBox is not illegal and there is yet to be any report on unsafety of data of your device through ShowBox. Still as it is downloaded from external source, there is a chance of security in this app. But so far it is clear in the market.


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