How do I access the dark web?

We all know about the normal web. But only a handful is really aware about the dark web. The dark web comprises of a small part of the deep web which is about 96% of the total web. But the question is what really dark web is? Can everyone access it? Why can or can’t we access it? What is the difference between normal web and dark web and most importantly, how can one access the dark web.

So let us take a closer look at this amazing yet unknown concept of dark web and answer all these raging questions including how do I access the dark web. So as we begin, let us first know exactly.  

What is the Dark Web?

dark web

 You must have gone through thousands of sites and pages and must have thought that internet can never be discovered in its fill entity. But you will be glad to know that the web you use is the normal web and it is just 4% of the total web. The other 96% is the deep web.  It can’t be accessed by your normal web browser. It is a hidden web with deep secrets and is not meant to be accessed by everyone. It’s bad part is known as dark web and it got its name from Mike Bergman in 2000.  

Is Dark web different from Normal Web? Is it Legal?

  Dark Web is very different from the normal web. The content on the dark web is very different from the normal web and it is not intended to be seen by everyone. This is why it is hidden and normal web browsers cannot access it. The content on the dark web is illegal as well.

A lot of illegal things which includes guns, drugs and even weapons are found here. Besides this one can also hire contractual killers and kidnappers from the dark web which signifies how dangerous and illegal it is. But there is not law which restricts you from accessing the dark web.

Hence no matter which place are you from or what your age is, you can still access the dark web if you know how to access it. It is up to the individuals to make a choice and their safety and security is up to them as well.  

How do I access the Dark Web?

  Everyone cannot access the dark web. For that, you will require some knowledge, tips and tricks along with a specialized browser. Since you cannot access the dark web from your normal browser, therefore you will need to download the tor browser.

It is a specially designed browser to access the dark web. Also, knowledge of these tips and tricks will also help you to stay safe from malware, viruses, information thievery and other harmful things. Now first let us know a bit more about the Tor browser which is the real key for accessing the dark web.  

Tor Browser

 You can download the Tor browser for free from its website. It comes with some has pre designed configurations which helps in protecting the user identity when they browse the dark web. Also, it helps to protect the user from all the malicious content and viruses over the dark web.

It protects your device and connects you to its renowned Tor network which prevents you from getting tracked or surveillance. Hence, it can keep your identity completely anonymous.  

Finding Links

  The second key of the answer to how do I access the dark web is finding links of websites. To browse a website, you need to find its link yourself as Tor browser won’t provide you with that. So you can use websites such as hidden wiki which will provide you with links which can be browsed on the Tor browser. Remember that the links which end with .onion can be easily browsed by the Tor browser. Besides this, you should clearly understand the fact that you should be responsible while accessing the dark web.  

You should not search for or try to access the websites which do not have good credentials or which may lead you to disturbing as well as illegal services. So you must take your time and do proper research before accessing dark web and the websites on it. Since Hidden Wiki is one big directory which has thousands of URLs over it, so you need to be very careful while selecting links from these URLs.  

Steps at a glance

  So to summarize the answer to how do I access the dark web, we can say that first you need to download the Tor browser. As soon as you download and install it, your identity gets hidden and you surf the dark web anonymously. Now there aren’t search engines over the deep web, therefore you are required to enter the link of the website you want to open yourself.  

Tor browser will not provide you with any links. So you can use some deep web directory such as hidden wiki which will provide you with many links of all types of websites. Responsibly choose a link, try to stay away from illegal and malicious sites. Links which end with .onion will work on Tor browser. Just copy any link of the website you want to open and paste it in the Tor browser. Your website will be loaded by the Tor browser and hence you will be able to access the Dark Web.  

The Last Words

  So we have seen that the dark web is a hidden web which needs pre requisite knowledge to be accessed. It cannot be accessed by any normal browser. Most people don’t even know of its existence. But if you know about dark web and wish to access it, then you need special browsers such as the Tor browser. So just download the Tor browser, follow the steps mentioned above and hence you can easily access dark web. So this answers how do I access the dark web.  

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