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Online learning is the latest technology and the most well known one of the distance education today. It has the most important impact on today‚Äôs education and the trend is increasing each and every day. Online learning is especially for the students who seek to improve their knowledge and it has totally changed the role of the instructor. This new term takes place over the internet.    

It is also popularly known to be e-learning and also one of the most important types of the distance learning that take place across the distance and not in the traditional classroom. Apart from the online learning, there are many types available today which includes correspondence courses, Tele courses, CD-ROM courses, mobile learning etc.   

The Correspondence courses are conducted through regular mail with little involvement in it. In the Tele courses, the content is delivered through the radio or the television broadcast. The students interact with the static computer content in the CD-ROM courses. With the aid of the devices such as cellular phones, PDA s and the digital audio players, the mobile learning takes place. Still present, the most popular approach is online learning.   

According to the Report

A recent report says that the online enrollments continue to grow at the faster rates than for the broader student population and the institutes of higher education expect the rate of growth to continue increasing. The key findings exclaim that about two million students were studying online in the fall of the year 2003. The majority of the schools which is about fifty-four percent agree that online education is critical to their long term strategy. The most expected average growth rate for the online students for the year 2004 is about twenty-five percent which is up from about twenty percent in the year 2003.   

How online learning works?

  In the olden days, the instructors had to create their virtual classrooms from the base which was often led to the bad results. In the present era, an entire industry has aroused to do for the folks in an efficient manner. The Course Management System (CMS) Software is utilized by just about all the institutions today. It also allows the instructors to design and deliver their courses within an adaptable framework that includes a number of various tools in order to enable the learning and the communication to occur in a better way.   

A brief sketch about Handa Ka Funda

 Handa Ka Funda is one of the best platforms which is conducted in online especially for the students who are in the great ambition to clear the CAT exams. This was founded by Ravi Handa in the year 2013. With the aid of the videos and the online tools, the tutor teaches Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation to the students.    

The founder Ravi Handa is one of the best CAT coaching trainers and his method of teaching is extremely useful for any CAT aspirant. The online video format is easy to access and available whenever a person needs it.  The most difficult concepts are converted to simplified ones that help in enhancing the speed and the application. The overall pricing for coaching classes is a reasonable one and many discount packages are available.   

With the aid of this amazing platform, one can find easy to understand the topics as complex as critical reasoning. The complete explanations start from the scratch and eventually go up so the students can understand it in a reliable manner. The students who have difficulty in the verbal section can improvise in reading novels, newspapers etc.   

What are the advantages? 

  In the present era, there are many online platforms provided by many institutes. But Handa Ka Funda is the most unique and it is more beneficial than the classroom program. An institute with a huge strength might not be able to give equal attention to each and every student. It varies from one person to another. A teaching institute can have different centers in different cities and the quality of teaching will not be the same one at all the centers. There is a huge difference between the online learning and the traditional teaching institute.   

Here, the video tutorials help in understanding the concepts in a precise manner and also learn the new things in each and every tutorial. The major issue in online coaching is that the point of accessibility. On the other side of the coin, Handa Ka Funda clears all your doubts respective to the subject without any hesitation. Our tutor is one of the best teachers who are accessible on email, phone and the text to solve the queries anywhere and anytime.   

The study materials are good to practice and the documents which help in mastering the different sections of CAT. The inclusion of the mock test series is good. The demo videos are also available to help the students in each and every phase. The doubt clearing sessions play a great role in this platform at a reasonable price. The explanations are a simple one and all at the comfort of your computer.  

Handa Ka Funda CAT 2021 Plans and Pricing

  We also offer inaugural discounts on Online CAT Preparation 2021 courses. The CAT course for the year 2020 added to the CAT course for the year 2021 is about Rs.9999. There are more than seven hundred and fifty video tutorials for Quant, verbal, LR, DI, RC. On the other side of the flip, there is an instant access to all the videos. There are also weekly live courses for all the doubt clarification. Especially two live classes each and every week.   

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