Google Play Music App for Windows, Mac and Linux

Google play music is the unmatched version when it comes to playing music on an Android device or the web. Google play music app is the Android version of iPhone’s music app iTunes. It allows you to play music from your local lists and also helps you to stream music from Google and other podcasts.

What Makes Google Play Music Great?

Streaming music is what it does best. Google with its own artificial intelligence takes note of your likes and dislikes in music and gives similar suggestions about things you love. It even utilizes your location and local time to suggest radio stations and picks albums suitable for dinner based on time. It will learn your tastes when you give it thumbs up or thumbs down for the playlists it suggested. Google play music app settings have come down with improvements and let you set recommendations to see what artists are playing in different radio stations.

The playing screen can be minimized and it helps you to pause the song or skip it and move forward. The thumb system embedded in the music player allows Google play music to play better songs based on your likes. The best feature of Google Play music is that it allows the users to upload their own music and add it to the playlists.

Why Google Play Music App Does Not Play on the Desktop?

Google apps do not support Microsoft Operating system and so for all the diehard fans of Google play music app, it is a big blow for not being able to play their favorite music app on their desktop. The choice which is popular for desktop users is to go online and play Google play music from the browser. Fed up with such tactics, some third-party apps have come to the rescue in making stand alone music apps instead of keeping the browser open just to listen to your favorite tunes.

Cross Platform App

A lot of open source projects were made to give the music lovers community a chance to listen to their favorite music in their favorite app on a desktop. One such is Google play music desktop player. It offers all the features of a web version and it turned out better than it with new customizable features.

The installation process of the desktop Google play music app is a standard one which comes with an easy to apply user interface. User finds it very flexible while utilizing the app with perfect controls which are within the reach of an inexperienced user too. This is the neatest and almost good version you can lay your hands on for a desktop Google play music app available for download from the internet.

Unbeatable Features

It is coded and developed as a cross-platform desktop player for Google play music. The best part of it is that desktop player which was launched is customizable where you can change the theme which is not found in the web player. It also lets the user send the playlist history to your last tuned FM. The built-in equalizer lets you hear music as per the liking of the user. The desktop player comes without any compression and gives notifications about song changes.

The desktop player gives key controls to play, pause, and stop the music as well as the option to go to next track or change to the previous one. While playing in windows it gives taskbar media controls and lets you minimize the player too. The desktop player is very resource efficient. It does not use up all the system resources to just play music and it is one of the reasons which make it a popular cross platform desktop player. Customize hot keys and assign them to control your desktop music player.

Operating System Support

The desktop player is easy to navigate, unlike the web version where you have to hunt the tabs to play or pause the music without utilizing up all your system’s RAM. It does not require a flash player which is obviously a must for all web version players and it can run on HTML5 audio support. The Google Play music desktop player can run successfully on windows, Mac, and Linux without errors.

The most important additional features are MPRIS v2 support which allows it to integrate with Ubuntu sound menu and giving the option to choose audio output device which is embedded within the player. The app indicator allows controlling the playback button along with the thumbs up or thumbs down option. It also supports last FM scrobbling and now playing feature. Both light and dark themes are available which can be customized as per the user preference.

Latest Versions

The beta version has come with lyric scrolling support while the music is playing. GPMDP (Google play music desktop player) has given Chromecast support to its users and is bent on developing remote control app for Android users. The settings are accessible in the app under the label called desktop settings found on the bottom left corner. Hands-free voice control option is available in the desktop player but the user has to turn it on from the general section from the settings page.

This brilliant Google plays music desktop player is an open source client-based version which allows users to code in Github and develop new features.

To download google play music app for windows, Mac and Linux check here:

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