5 Best Games for Small Streamers to Stream Online 2021

Best games for small streamers 2021 – Gaming is one of the best booming media platforms today. Over the years, the concept of gaming has evolved with the development of media and communication technologies. The idea of gaming has changed from mere playing to other dimensions, streaming, and telecasting gaming to a broader audience. Apart from gamers, there are streamers, audience, and professionals in the gaming arena.

Streaming is considered a significant infotainment domain today. Gamers stream both entertainment and informational contents online. Streaming online games is a robust opportunity for the novel and young players to get to know and be involved in new and diverse games and genres.

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As a result of these developments, the gaming industry has also paved the way for new platforms for specialized game streaming. Today, Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Mirrativ, and Smash Cast Tv are some of the major online game streaming platforms.

Here are the 5 good and best games for small streamers to stream online

1. PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG, is an online multiplayer combat game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. Its one of the best games for small streamers. The game has mobile, desktop, and video game console versions. In this game, a hundred players parachute onto an island from a flight and hunt for arms and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting themselves killed.

The aim is to stay alive until the end. The safe area available in the game’s map shrinks in size over the time, guiding surviving players into more sheltered areas to force encounters. The game can be played individually, or by creating a team. The PUBG Corporation runs many tournaments with streaming on online platforms. The game has sold more than 70 million copies by 2020, and the PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 600 million times.

2. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an app that can be downloaded on smartphones for free, that combines gaming with the real world. Its one of the best games for small streamers.

It is developed and published by Niantic with The Pokémon Company. It was launched in 2016 on android and iOS platforms. As players walk around the real world, Pokémon characters do appear on the game map in the device. The Pokémon will appear on the device screen when users come within a close range and the players throw Poké Balls at them for capture. The goal is to collect as many characters as possible.

The game has a free and freemium version with in-app purchases. The game’s success lies in the accuracy it provides in blending the virtual reality with the players’ real-life situations and environments. It is also noted for the physical activity which the player is supposed to engage during the gameplay.

3. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, also known among gamers as CoC, is a strategy game developed by Supercell, launched in 2012. Its one of the best games for small streamers. CoC is a mobile and PC game that has not made it to the video game consoles yet. However, it is one of the top-grossing mobile games. The game intends to build a village often by attacking others and defending ourselves from attacks.

The players can join a Clan, or establish a clashing legacy by creating their clans with friends online. Clans allow them to lead wars together and socialize (chat and exchange troops). You can personalize the village, build an army and destroy your opponents. Gold and elixirs are the critical resources generated in the gameplay. It also offers gems, a premium resource.

CoC also provides in-app purchases for the players. Gems can be brought through the in-app purchases. Clash of Clans has frequently been developed to provide gamers with more user-friendly and consistent online experiences. Many updates have been made in the game since its launch.

4. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)

PES is a series of football simulation and manager games developed and published by Konami, Japan. Its one of the best games for small streamers. PES is available on various gaming platforms ranging from mobile phones to PS4, Xbox One, and PC Steam. Using it on steam also gives you the chance to earn steam gift cards Konami has launched eFootball.Open, the esports world championship PES.

For each series, there will be a cover star for the game like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. The animations are pro realistic, and the game is super responsive. PES is one of the most played soccer games globally. The faces and emotions of the players are the iconic features of the PES interface. Electronic Art’s FIFA is a critical challenge to the game.

The gamer can control either a specific player or an entire team during the game. It also offers various game modes in the series, including the Kick-Off, Online, and Offline methods. There are also different game types like Tour, League, Campaign, and various championships.

5. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the most divisive gaming brands of all time. It is a first-person shooter video game series developed by Activision. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the recent game in the series. Its one of the best games for small streamers.

The game allows you to join forces with your friends in a gigantic combat arena with two exciting modes for 150 players.

The game is available in mobiles, PC and various video game consoles. Call of Duty has been used in esports since 2006. Also, the game is at the top of streaming games.

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