FIFA 18 Set to Come in Nintendo Switch

Video games are one of the most talked about things in the world across the continents. And quite naturally there is no lack of any news and updates involving the latest upcoming games. Now we have a number of video games that are scheduled to be released this year. Many of those fall in that list of games the developer of which releases one edition of the game every year. And in that list one of the most popular, if not the most popular, is FIFA. With the advent of the year 2017, speculations are already gaining momentum regarding what are the changes that EA is going to bring in FIFA 18.
Before getting into the changes that are going to come in the FIFA 18, we need to take a look at the probable release date of the game. And there is very little confusion regarding that. Almost all those who play the game and even those who do not, know that the game comes out officially in the month of September. In case there is any delay the release of FIFA 18 is not going to get postponed beyond the first week in the month of October. And that is when we face the worst case scenario. Otherwise, it is an accepted fact that FIFA 18 is going to be released in the month of September this year. In fact, that has been the trend over the last few years. So there is no reward for successfully guessing that.
Now let’s get in to the news and updates that have surfaced and concerns FIFA 18. The latest one that has managed to grab the attention of most of the followers of the game states that FIFA 18 is going to be made available on the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid gaming console is all set to hit the market on March 3 and the availability of FIFA 18 in the Nintendo Switch comes as great news for all those
who are planning to get hold of the Nintendo Switch when it hits the market in the coming days.
Other than the Nintendo Switch FIFA 18 is all set to come in all the popular gaming consoles that are available on the market. The proud possessors of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 will get the FIFA 18 compatible with their gaming consoles. Even the gamers who engage themselves in playing FIFA will also be able to play FIFA 18 on their devices.
Now there are a number of changes that are expected to come in FIFA 18. One of those is definitely in the Artificial Intelligence so that the gamers have a better experience while engaging themselves in a match in the single-player mode. And what that will do to FIFA 18 is that the game will get even more realistic. It already boasts of being one of the most realistic games ever made and advancement in the AI will enhance that as well. It remains to be seen whether EA comes up improvement in that sector. And to have experience of that, we have to keep on waiting for a few more months.
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