Download SoundCloud Tracks in Android: How and What You Need

SoundCloud is, hands-down, one of the best means in order for you broadcast your musical compositions and get feedback from listeners around the world. With that said, it makes the act of producing tracks so easy, that you could even upload raw files to the said files as soon as you finish recording. It just can’t be denied that SoundCloud has made the lives of musicians easier because of how easy this app has made it to reach out and gather fans from across the globe.
On the side of the fans, a lot of them may want to know how to download SoundCloud tracks straight to their Android phones, and possibly even get a source link for this to happen. If you’re one of those fans who want to listen to tracks of the artists you admire outside of the said platform, then these are some great steps and apps you need to observe and acquire on order to do such.

How to Download SoundCloud in Android

1. Prepare Necessary Tools

While this entire process is one which is easy to follow, the reality is that it would be impossible for you to do so without any of the necessary tools. With that said, for you to proceed, you would have to have a rooted Android device, Install the Xposed Framework, enable the “Unknown Sources” option, and of course, the SoundCloud app itself.

2. Install the SoundCloud Downloader

There are a lot of these in the market nowadays, and all that you have to do is simply to open the XPosed Installer app, that is, if it is the app of choice. Open the SoundCloud Downloader app, download the latest version, and when prompted, click “Install”. If this process is done, activate your module, and do some rebooting to formally finish. Note that some Installers are fine with not letting your phone be rebooted. The whole process of installing is easy and could actually be done in a heuristic manner.
SoundCloud Downloader
SoundCloud Downloader

3. Proceed with the Use of the Downloader

Once the SoundCloud Downloader has been launched, you could change the location for the Download destination, as well as hide the launcher icon. Once all of the necessary settings sit well with you, all you have to do is to open the SoundCloud app, play the song of your choice, and tap the menu button (the one with three dots), and then tap “Download”. Depending on how fast your internet connectivity is, you are now able to enjoy your track of choice offline!

Best Recommended Apps

The Xposed Framework is just one of the many apps that you could make use of to get the tracks from SoundCloud into that phone of yours. With that said, there are several apps in the market that you could avail of that feature many others, primarily downloading through other sites apart from the said hosting site. Below are some other apps that you could use for the exact same purpose as well:

KeepVid Android

First on this list is one that is touted to help you download SoundCloud audio files with so much ease. This downloader is known for getting your tracks in lightning fast, and at the best quality possible. As a matter of fact, audio recordings on this app are usually at 320Kbps, and downloading, aside from being fast, is as easy as doing a single tap.
The greatest advantage associated with getting this app is that it goes beyond just SoundCloud. As a matter of fact, you are able to freely download from Facebook. Youtube, and many other sites as well. You are also given the chance to download videos in 4K HD from a massive list of 28 video hosting sites. You could also download from Youtube to MP42 directly, as well as do searching and downloading. There are no ads, malware, and other nuances that may come from free apps like this.

Android My Cloud Player

If you are on the lookout for an app you could easily get on the Google PlayStore, then this is the perfect app of choice for you. While some people may think of it as a player, given its simplistic interface, a little more explorations would lead you to the SoundCloud downloader function which this app is well equipped with. With that said, it is regarded as one of the best in the market, as it makes things easier for you, and it is free as well.
This app is ideal for those who are only looking to download music off SoundCloud for their personal consumption. Unlike the latter player, this app limits itself to the said site, and is bereft of other features that KeepVid has.

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