How Could Your Organisation Benefiting from Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM and ERP Applications)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an integrated CRM and ERP system which brings together everything your business needs from Microsoft, in one centralised platform. It makes for an intuitive and company-wide system that brings with it many different benefits.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modular system that can grow and develop according to your business needs. At the most basic level it’s a combined and cloud-based CRM and ERP system. It’s been created with flexibility and scalability in mind. The idea is to bring everything you need under one umbrella – accessible whenever and wherever.  

The idea of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that each different business essentially ends up with a different system – with all the Microsoft benefits. So it brings together all the elements you already know, such as Office and Outlook, but does so in a bespoke way. It becomes your CRM and ERP bringing together everything from customer service to sales to accounts.  

As it is a modular system which can be adapted to suit your business, it can bring with it a raft of benefits. When implemented appropriately, Microsoft Dynamics 365 should bring with it some great business benefits including improved customer service and overall business efficiency. The benefits you get do depend on how you use it, but here we take a look at the main ones.  

Benefits to Your Business of Microsoft Dynamics 365

You’ll experience a wide range of benefits when you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your CRM and ERP.  

  • Greater Accuracy: With multiple entry points for different CRM’s and ERP’s and multiple users, your systems are only ever as good as the weakest link. If one person makes a mistake in one place, then the ramifications across the board can be troublesome. With a fully integrated system, where visibility is maintained at a high level, there is much less propensity for error. Improved accuracy benefits the business in many ways from increased customer service to efficiency.
  • Marketing: In the modern business marketplace, it is essential that you have a unified marketing strategy across the different customer touch points and channels. It also requires continual inputs and updates. The only way to manage something so important to the company is to have a collated system where the right hand knows what the left is doing, and vice versa. Microsoft Dynamics 365 creates consistency in your marketing approach. Customers get a clearer message and this is all happening more intuitively and in line with other business goals.
  • Financial: By using one centralised system which incorporates continual updates through the cloud, you can reap the benefits of a bolstered bottom line, whilst also keeping your overheads low. There won’t be any hidden costs when using Microsoft Dynamics 365. You pay for the elements that you need and nothing more, and within this you’re paying for updates to happen automatically, and for storage and hosting to simply be provided. You don’t need to worry about the business headaches such as software security and backups – it’s all done for you.
  • Customer Service: Every business is only as successful as their customer service. Yet often it is in customer service that we let ourselves down – and most frequently, this happens unintentionally. The only way customer service provision in a business can excel is by having access to accurate and reliable data – wherever and whenever. This applies to the staff members interacting with the customer (from sales to invoicing), and to the customer themselves with the different channels through which they interact with you. Ultimately, the customer should be getting a consistent experience that gradually pushes them down the sales funnel towards conversion. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables this – without extra work behind the scenes.
  • Intuitive and User-Friendly: Many CRM and ERP systems fail, or don’t work as well as they might, because there are unwieldy beasts often far removed from the instinctive way of operating. With all the familiarity of Microsoft, and intuitive and simple apps, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy for the average user. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t require specific learning. People can just get on and use it to the business’s advantage. This is enabled further as it integrates seamlessly with the suite of Microsoft products that your employees are familiar with e.g. Outlook and Excel.
  • Integration with Social Media: Your software systems should effortlessly integrate with your social media strategies. The goals should be one and the same and the link between each different element and channel happen easily. Time can be wasted (and errors happen) when you have to take manual action across different social media channels. Instead, with one data entry point, your social media should become the marketing tool you really need it to be, and one which is always consistent.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Your Organisation

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be built specifically for your organisation this means that you can be certain that your business will benefit from using it. However, because it is modular, and requires a certain degree of planning and programming, as well as integrating, it really is a specialist niche. By using CRM experts such as Hitachi Solutions you can get the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a way that truly works for your business.  

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