How Monitor Your Child’s Internet Activity and Best Parental Control App

Here discussed about how monitor your child’s internet activity and best parental control app. A self-portrait photograph, popularly pronounced as Selfie, was first captured by an American photography aficionado, Robert Cornelius in 1839. Half a decade back, although if you ask someone what is selfie? Many would have kept a big dumb face. But, in the recent years, selfies have become a sensation, fascinating people of all ages and walk of life, and especially the young generation.

Nowadays, snapping a flattering image of self is an art. But, Broadcasting them frequently throughout social media platforms in lure of some compliments is the  pro level of craziness; as anytime and anywhere, teens and tweens alike pose themselves to capture an image of perfection. When someone endorses you photo with a like or share, it boosts our confidence, and you feel good about yourself.

unfortunately, a negative side to snapping self-images, as not all selfies are welcomed with happy, glowing feedback. While, the awful commentary is not something, new to the social media realm, when a bad comment is posted in the comment section, the attack becomes incredibly personal. Selfie Syndrome, a mental disorder is real, and it’s quite distinctive too, according to recent studies and surveys.

Is your daughter too suffering from selfie syndrome? Quickly, find the answer and treat her, before she invites something hazardous in pursuit of  that perfect selfie.

Selfie Addiction

Spymaster pro to Monitor Your Child’s Internet Activity

Spymaster Pro, a new way for mums and dads to parent their teen in this digital era. It is a parental control application that facilitates parents keep vigilance over their kid’s cell phone activities such as call and message logs, instant messenger conversations, GPS tracking and much more. This ultimate parental monitoring software will parents like you check your little one’s whereabouts, social engagements, and most significantly, his or her online social routine.
The Stored Photos in Her Cell Phone Will Tell, Whether She Is Selfie Addict or Not?
With this software, view all photos taken by your daughter through her cell phone. Then, analyze the photo log in a careful way, see if most of them are selfies, are these normal selfies with friends or dangerous self-portraits were taken after risking her life, like the top of a skyscraper, near the railway, or other danger zones. After, going through her photos, logs, you can make easily make whether there is a need to consult a child psychiatrist or not.

Her Social Chats

Spymaster Pro lets you view all the Whatsapp and Facebook chat threads take place through your offspring’s smartphone. With this parental tracking app, you can:

View Facebook chat history

Find out the names anfd contact details of the people your teen chat frequently.
Get access to any photo shared and received through Facebook and WhatsApp chat on the target phone.

How to Acess My Daughter’s Data?

All the Facebook and Whatsapp chat conversations and photo log of your little princess’s cell phone will be uploaded to your online Spymaster Pro account, thereafter, you can access them from anywhere and anytime with an internet connection. The login details of the parent account will be provided by the company.

What More You Can Do with This App?

Not just instant messenger chats and stored photo content, you can also keep a close eye with whom your daughter is in touch, through her call and text logs. Track her daily whereabouts with the GPS location tracking attribute of this parental app.
To sum up, this app stands tall in the line of best monitoring software, not only for its innovative range of features, also, thanks to its lowest price tag.

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