Boss Revolution App: How To Download And Use for Android & iTunes

The Boss Revolution app provides a most useful service to those far away from their loved ones. In this era of constant connectivity, it would be a pity if one remains unable to contact their family and friends.

There are several aspects to using the Boss Revolution app. This includes talking, sharing, showing, and generally becoming more involved in each other’s lives.

Boss Revolution App

About The Boss Revolution App

The Boss Revolution App is regularly updated. It is currently on Version 3.0.5. Its size is around 45 MB, with a compatibility of 4.1 and upwards.

Boss Revolution is authored by IDR Global and has a decent 3+ rating.

Download Boss Revolution App for Android and iTunes


How To Use Boss Revolution App?

The first question an app user usually asks is how to make calls using Boss Revolution. First of all, they would need to make a Boss Revolution account, and transfer funds into it. This would allow them to make top quality international calls without paying high rates.

In order to make a call, one would have to dial the access number that comes with their account. Upon hearing the prompt, they should dial the number they want to call. This should include the country code, city code, and the phone number itself.

• Requirements For Phone Service

No phone service provider is needed for any Boss Revolution user to make international calls. All they really need is a domestic calling service within the United States. If you do not have nationwide coverage, there may be some additional costs with Boss Revolution.

Hence, the app user should first confirm whether they are or are not eligible for the low costs offered by Boss Revolution. Otherwise, they may be up for some unexpected charges.

• Access Number

The access number the user chooses should depend on which language they feel most comfortable in. Below is a list of the languages available and their respective access numbers:

Boss Revolution Phone Number (International Access and Toll Free Number)

  • English: 716-271-1616
  • Spanish: 716-271-7171
  • Creole: 716-271-0770
  • French: 716-271-0810
  • Arabic: 716-271-0830
  • Amharic: 716-271-0850
  • Toll-Free Number (English): 1-800-374-4922
  • Toll-Free Number (Spanish): 1-800-376-5077
If none of these access numbers work, one has the alternative of using Boss Revolution’s toll-free numbers: 1-800-374-4922 (English) and 1-800-376-5077 (Spanish). However, a 1.5 cent surcharge is levied per minute when the toll-free numbers are dialed.

• Calling From Other Phones

One great aspect of the Boss Revolution app is that one can register a phone number with multiple phones. This way, several family members can all use the same account to make calls from their respective phones.

Registering itself is not essential. One can always log in with their Boss Revolution account on a phone other than their own. This allows for maximum efficiency and easy usage. All they have to do is dial their access number and enter their registered phone number when prompted. There is also a 4-digit security code in order to prevent anyone using an account without the owner’s permission.

When this is done, all the user has to do is dial the country code and number they wish to call. After that, communicate all you want!

Another great aspect of the Boss Revolution app is that you don’t even have to register a phone to use your account. Simply dial your access number and when prompted enter your registered phone number and your 4-digit security code.  After that’s it’s a simple matter of entering the country code, and dialing your required number.

• Support And Customer Assistance

In case of any problem, question, or complaint, the makers of Boss Revolution are always there to help. Users can send an email to Alternatively, they can call Customer Assistance at 0330-777-1374. They are also available for contact on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

• Services Included

The Boss Revolution offers several services, which include international calling, international and domestic mobile top-up and eGifts.

• The Call Me Program

The Boss Revolution app also offers a Call Me program. This is basically when their user received a local phone number from their home country. If they are in the United States but based in Africa, they would get an African number. This local number would be forwarded to their U.S number.

The result is that all users have to pay is a nominal monthly fee. This would enable their friends and family to call them as if they were still residing in Africa. In the case of the phone bill at least, it would be like they’re back home! No more worrying about racking up high phone bills for both parties.

The friends and family back home do not have to pay anything extra to use this local number. They would be charged just as they would be for a local call in their own country.

The user of Boss Revolution does not have to pay any more fees for incoming calls. No matter how many calls they get, they would only apply as local incoming calls.

One downside here is that the Call Me service is not available for any country. Hopefully, several more countries would be added to this list in the future.


To sum up, the Boss Revolution program is a most valuable one for those living away from their home countries in the U.S. It is specially designed for them to keep in touch with those back home at a very low cost. Plus, there are several services available, so one can pick and choose that which suits them best.

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