Borderlands 3 Wishlist: What We Want To See

Borderlands 3, the next iteration of the massively popular and critically acclaimed action role-playing first-person shooter game, is not set to release anytime soon. With the publisher, 2K Games, announcing that the game is still in development, the birth pangs of this latest game are yet to be realized.

Borderlands 3 will have to face a massive challenge to begin with when it does land: it has to live up to the pent-up expectations over the last couple of years.We have a small wishlist of our own when it comes to the game. What do you think should be added to the game when it releases late this year or even late year? Fear not, for we have your solutions right here.

Borderlands 3

First and foremost, the Borderlands 3 Game has to be VR ready when it arrives. 2K Games is one of the pioneers of the gaming industry and certainly does not need our advice on what it should and should not do. VR is the technology of the future. Many leading exponents of the gaming industry are betting on headsets like Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive to drive the future of gaming. The Oculus Rift has proved to be extremely popular at what it does, and we have no qualms in announcing that the technology has been rendered niftier by these two global giants and competitors.

VR is also very important to the gamer-at-large. It provides an out-of-the-world gaming experience and not only does it allow more immersive gameplay, but it also makes the games a joy to be shared with others. This is not to say that the VR technology is entirely without troubles, however.
Next, we expect that the developers will hear the request of the fans and ensure that true open-world gaming is developed. The benefits of open-world gaming are many and are too multifaceted to be rounded up here. One of the most catchy things about true open-world gaming is the fact that it builds in a way to relax even if the gamer does not get away from the game physically. Borderlands 3 will be the greatest beneficiary if this one factor is incorporated in the new game. A small example will suffice.

The player may wish to get away from the hustle of the space western genre of the game tinged with science fantasy. He or she would be admirably served if the open world environment enables him to discover more loot or caches of arms without haveing to really look for it. This one factor will even allow the most reticent of gamers to clam up about the negatives of gaming and enable more gamers to migrate to have the time of their lives.

Lastly, we expect that the Borderlands 3 game and the Borderlands franchise as a whole will be richly rewarded if it can successfully migrate two elements of the previous games: the self-deprecating humour which is the hallmark of the game. The other hallmark is the graphic violence in the game. What would you like to see?
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