6 Best Voice Chat Softwares for Gamers in 2020

In this situation buried under a pandemic where people are losing hopes across the world, many have found hopes & friends in gaming. It’s one kind of a win after all. The beautiful days of sharing a space with your loved ones to play have passed away momentarily, but technology is running forward like The Flash!

Voice chat has become an integral chunk of gaming nowadays because we got to win this round! Some games have inbuilt chat programs, whereas others don’t. So, it becomes a huge dilemma to choose the prime one against them.

So you might ask what is the most popular voice and chat application?

Here is a list of the top 6 Chat softwares that can be used by you & your team mates while killing the animated enemies in the year 2020:

1. Discord

Discord is the new emerging hub available in almost every operating system name it- Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc and is considered as the best voice chat for gaming. If you’re looking for the best voice chat for gaming, discord is the app to use. It has established its strong existence amongst the gamers in a very short duration of time since its release.

It is completely free of cost and easy to use. It only requires a two-step process to register yourself with the app. Discord supports audio & video calls involving a maximum of ten people at once. You & your friends can create private or public servers or participate in one communicating through links.

The creation of servers & participation in the same is completely free for all its users. Not only gaming, but Discord hosts support groups, Dev. Groups, etc. To find out more about the best voice chat program for your needs visit the given site. It is extremely reliable to talk in real-time or while playing a game.

2. Google Meet

A genuine Google product. Google meet assists you in communicating with more than ten people at once. All you need for it is a Gmail account, and you’re good to go! We happily suggest this chatting softwares if you find it difficult to trust other third-party applications or softwares.

Google Meet is mostly used by students for their classroom sessions but this also can double up as your gaming companion as it offers a fluid and seamless experience with clear audio quality even with a lot of people. Good audio quality is the top priority among gamers which is exactly what this app offers.

Google Meet allows you to create a link for a chat that can be joined in or participated by other Google users as well. The software runs efficiently in the background. It is fast, reliable and also could be the best voice chat for gaming. Google has made this app very polished, user-friendly.

3. RaidCall

RaidCall is one of the most preferred Voice over IP in the existing era. The quality of sound that RaidCall offers is good. It supports up to 1 Lakh users at once. That’s a lot! It doesn’t bother much between multiplayer gaming when it’s running in the background. RaidCall also allows you to store & share files, messages, YouTube videos, etc.

Well, not only that, it furthermore allows you to decorate your server or chat room according to your convenience. RaidCall is experiencing gaming with your friends is a firsthand way.

4. Team Speak

TeamSpeak is a softwares designed for gaming communities globally. It allows you to communicate with your friends or teammates in a high-quality tone or text messages. TeamSpeak involves maintenance of a server that withholds people according to the server’s capacity.

It provides the admins a lot of control options regarding the servers they own or they have created within the software. TeamSpeak saves a lot of bandwidth while running simultaneously with the game. Just like discord, it allows you to participate in a public server meeting and create a private server of your own for you & your friends.

5. Mumble

Accurate communication within your team is important to win a game. Mumble provides you a lag-free online communication with your friends during online gaming. The software allows you to host your own server or join in one for free of cost. Perhaps, the version of this software differs for the host and the participant.

A participant must have a client mumble installed. Mumble’s user interface is a little confusing, but it’s a piece of cake once you get into the habit of it. Its clear cut quality of communication and smooth running makes it to one of the topmost suggested chat applications for gamers in the year 2020.

6. Steam Chat

Steam Chat is one of the greatest options for online chat purposes and a free voice chat for gaming. It is downright free of cost. Steam Chat allows you to create a group and invite your friends or playmates to join the same.

It has notable control features for the admin, which allows you to share unique links with your buddies to get in the chat room and experience the ultimate togetherness-like communication while gaming online.

SteamChat gives the chat group control in the hands of its administrator to set roles & additional chat restrictions for maintaining privacy. For group voice calling, Steam Voice Chat is also a feature baked into the app. SteamChat also owns a web client for those who don’t have the software installed.

The gaming community supports its very own kind of socializing. Hence, it becomes crucial for online game communication softwares of VoIP to act as a middleman and savior of all gamers! In-between gaming chats not only make you win games through charming coordination online but also relieve you in building friendships offline.

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