Best Live Streaming Apps For 2020

Social media is one of the popular ways to gain the attention of your followers. There are many social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

But other than posting content of images and videos. What is the best way to grab the attention of your user? Well, the best way is to attract users is to go live and directly connect with them. The live feature may allow you to connect both ways but mostly it is one way i.e. a person can connect and speak while the audience can send messages on the live chat.

Video streaming continues to grow traction among users. In social media, live streaming is one of the prime ways that connect you directly to your target audience.

There are a lot of options available for live streaming apps but what is the best to use?
Well, the version of best can be described when the app uses less data and provides high-quality video streaming without flaws and buffering.

11 Best Live Streaming Apps For 2020

Here is a list of live-video streaming apps for 2020 that you can go to have an amazing experience.

  1. Instagram Live
  2. Facebook Live
  3. Youtube Live
  4. Livestream
  5. Periscope Producer
  6. IBM Cloud Video
  7. Younow Livestream
  8. Zoom App
  9. Microsoft Stream App
  10. Be Live App
  11. Twitch Live Stream

Instagram Live

Instagram allows to live stream video that allows your followers to connect with you. The in-app notification pops up whenever you start a live streaming and letting your audience know about that. You can also post stories earlier describing the commencement time of your live session.

Facebook Live

Facebook live grants people the opportunity to people, public figures and business pages to share their live video. You can interact with the viewers in real-time.

The live video is published to the user’s profile or page. If any of your followers have missed the live session. He/she can watch it again and you are free to remove the video at any time.

Youtube Live

Another best channel to reach your audience. You can directly go live via the web browser and there is no need for an encoder to carry out the process. After the live session concludes, an archive video will be saved to the channel. Adding to it, youtube can do more things like:

  • Creation of quick event
  • Built-in events scheduling
  • Ads and super chat can earn money


A combination of hardware and software that produces high-quality streaming video. Livestream uses the broadcaster pro to stream live. You can stream the live video from any HDMI camera or can use the Mevo plus to create multi-camera views. You can also stream the video to FB and youtube live.

Periscope Producer

You can create live videos that stream high-quality from external sources. Periscope Producer is a set of software, hardware, and professional cameras. Periscope lets you replay highlights and gives the ability to share the video on Twitter and Facebook instantly. People can give reactions to your video in real-time.

IBM Cloud Video

Formerly known as Ustream is a suite of video solutions that involve the IBM streaming manager. It is a cloud-based platform that is used for on-demand live content. It is mostly used for event streaming and product.

Younow Livestream

It is a live-streaming social network of creative content creators. You just “go live” and hang out with the community. You can also chat with broadcasters or buy bars to send gifts. The app also gives access to super chat messages and replays if you opt for their priority access subscription. You can also chat even during busy broadcasters.

Zoom App

This has come into the latest trends. As the world hit by pandemic COVID19, zoom in a few months had immense success and beat down most-used channels like WhatsApp and TikTok. It is a streaming channel for live streaming for all sizes meeting. You can create webinars, video conference rooms and can share the screen with high audio and video quality. Features of zoom includes-

  • Split screen
  • Polling
  • Q&A
  • Registration and reporting
  • PayPal integration
  • One-click sharing

Microsoft Stream App

You can host a live video or watch other people’s live videos. The app is available for both the iOS and the android platform. You can comment on chat or audio. The best of the app is it allows saving a video while streaming. You can easily monetize your content and give tips to your favorite streamer.

Be Live App

An app that is preferred by many because of its different modes. The app provides you three broadcasting modes. First, the solo, interview and talk for multiple people. you can involve your FB’s audience comments on your live screen to interact directly. It also has features like screen sharing, photo sharing, custom logo, frames and more.

Twitch Live Stream

Twitch is mainly focused on video-game streaming. It allows gaming commentary and also users can purchase through service. Twitch has now more than 2 million subscriber broadcasters monthly and around 15 million daily active users.


Users are finding new and easy ways to reach out to the audience and promote their services and products. You can easily pass any information to a greater audience using any of these best streaming apps. You can check out android app development firms for a perfectly working app. Give it a try and do let us know about the same.

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