Best Free Weight Loss Apps; Top 7 Apps for Android and iOS devices

If you are one of those fitness crazy smartphone users, you must be on the lookout for some of the best apps that can help you eat healthy, workout well and shed those extra pounds. Well, here we have put together an entire list of some of the most effective best free weight loss apps for Android and ios phone users. So, check them out right now. 

Top 8 Best Free Weight Loss Apps 


The app gives you access to a massive food database that lists more than five million healthy foods. Besides, it can count your daily calories taken in or consumed during workouts within minutes. MyFitnessPal can join hands with other fitness trackers that you might have installed on your device like FitBit, Endomondo, Pact and Runtastic to help you accurately track all your progress towards weight loss and healthy lifestyle. 


FatSecret is your simple food diary that can help you both plan and track what you will be eating. With image recognition feature available for meals and foods, you can easily add whatever you are eating. And, there’s an entire community of users that can help you with the best way to proceed. The package comes complete with a barcode scanning feature and a tool for weight tracking. 

3Lose It! 

The app gives you an entertaining way of losing weight. You just have to answer some questions about yourself, and it will come up with a custom plan for your successful weight loss. It even sets an everyday budget for you and gives you a particular goal to achieve. The image recognition feature allows it to automatically identify whatever you eat and you don’t have to note down everything that you take. Things are also broken down according to every single nutrition part and you get some great insights into what you’re eating. 


Fitbit can partner you for tracking your daily activities and steps, but it is also very good alternative for tracking various other aspects of your health and weight loss endeavors. The app can be used for creating a log of everything you eat through a barcode scanner and allows you to check out the history of your meals in a glance. It can also track your sleeping patterns and water intake as well. 


With Fooducate there to assist you, you can be able to make healthier and more wholesome choices when it comes to what you eat. Fooducate can scan the barcode of different packaged items and gives them a particular letter score from A to D depending on their nutritional value. It also reveals information related to ingredients after analyzing that item and gives you a rundown of everything it contains like sugar, MSG, controversial food colors, and preservatives. It can educate you on advantages and disadvantages of a certain product and tells you whether or not it can be beneficial for your health overall and the weight loss endeavors in particular.


Pact takes a more professional approach to keep you on track with your workouts and veggies consumption and also logs the food you consume. It actually gives you monetary incentives on small tasks that it requires you to accomplish. If you’re able to perform certain tasks as promised, you get to earn money with Pact. It can be anywhere between $0.30 – $5 per week. Quite a motivation, isn’t it? 
However, one thing you have to keep in mind is that if you’re unable to keep a pact, your bank account will be debited by the app for money that you had put on a given pact. So, it is better to start with small amounts and then you can put more at stake as you continue for keeping yourself motivated. 

7Google Fit

Right from the house of Google, it’s your free fitness and weight loss app with which you can track all your activity from day one just be carrying your smartphone with you. It can be connected to different other apps as well for extending its fitness tracking capabilities. 

With Google Fit you can track everything from your weight and daily activity to your heart healthy activities each day. The app gives you goals like moving 60 minutes every day and several others to keep you motivated for moving more while doing your routine chores. So, it helps even if you don’t want to join a gym. 

So, try these apps either individually or in combination with other apps to make sure that you pursue a healthy lifestyle and accomplish your weight loss goals easily. There are plenty of other Android and iPhone apps that you can consider downloading on your smartphone and enjoy a healthy lifestyle while your little gadget will serve as your personal trainer.


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