Apps Like WhatsApp: 7 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

WhatsApp is one of the foremost typical online chat platforms within the world. WhatsApp allows you to receive and send messages, picture, and videos, free video and voice calls, and voice messages.

You’ll be able to utilize it on a Smartphone or laptop. Because of its support in multiplatform like android, iphone, web support etc… If your looking for the the apps like whatsapp please check the below!

Here are the top 7 Best Whatsapp Alternatives

1. Viber App

Viber is one of the app like whatApp. It’s operated by Japanese company Rakuten and its available in different platform such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

It utilizes a device contact book to spot users. You will obtain the approach code conveyed to your phone number through text.

It would then approach your contact book to examine if someone in your contact list is related to Viber; you could immediately associate with them.

Download viber for Android:
Download viber for Iphone and Ipad:
Download viber for Desktop (Windows & Mac):
Download viber for Chrome:

2. Telegram

Telegram is another app like whatsApp. It’s a free software application and operational center is based in Dubai. While compare with whatsapp it provides many features to use.

Telegram provides end to end encryption for all interconnection. You could also send SMS and media messages in an exceedingly chat with equal to two lac users.

Telegram uses cloud-based tech that permits causation messages quicker than the alternative apps. The platform includes iOS, Linux, Android, Windows desktop, Windows Phone, and Mac-OS.

Download telegram for android:
Download telegram for pc (Windows, Mac & Linux):
Download telegram for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:
Download telegram for chrome:

3. Skype

Skype is a another app like WhatsApp. Its free tool for calls and chat. Mostly uses in office use. skype lately incorporated its contacts with previous MSN or Hot-mail contacts and accounts so that you can link up with some old friends.

Unlike WhatsApp, you would need to authorize contacts ahead you’ll begin causation messages; however, its dependability and steadiness make it an acceptable exchange. The platforms available for Skype include iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Android.

Download Skype for windows:
Download Skype for Mac OS X and Linux:
Download Skype for Iphone:
Download Skype for Android:
Download Skype for Business:

4. WeChat App

WeChat is another alternative for WhatsApp. It’s one of the foremost standard messaging app and developed by Tencent. To register you have to submit your mobile number. A confirmation code will transfer to you via text message. You’ll be able to link up with your e-mail and Facebook account so that everyone can find you more positively.

Alternative functionalities embrace sharing photos, your live location, WeChat contacts, and also the capability to video chat via the App. The platform includes Android and iOS.

Download wechat app for android:
Download wechat app for iphone, iPad, and Apple Watch:

5. Signal App

Signal is another alternative for Whatsapp. Its developed by Signal Technology Foundation & Signal Messenger LLC. Its Free app, like whatsapp you can send one to one, group text, voice notes and videos. It’s a private messenger and highly secured.

Signal is utilize by well-known persons in network security and information protection, That’s as a result of Signal all connections is encoded throughout by default .

Signal is additionally WIRED’s insecure electronic messaging suggestion to utilize it as a result of it’s without any charges, it functions on each mobile platform, and also the creators are engaged to keeping this app straightforward and quick.

Download signal app for android:
Download signal app for iPhone and iPad:
Download signal app for Windows:

6. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is another app like WhatsApp. It’s a free call and text app based on south korea. It utilizes your cell number to convey you a four-digit confirmation code once you register for its account. Then records your mobile number into its info so you’ll be able to connect along with your mobile contacts and can seek out alternative KakaoTalk users, just like WhatsApp.

There’s conjointly the capability to begin cluster chats, send and receive photos or audio messages, and share call data and calendar. You’ll be able to call alternative KakaoTalk contacts via the App. The platform accessible for KakaoTalk Messenger consists of iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.

Donwload kakaotalk messenger for PC:
Donwload kakaotalk messenger for Android:
Donwload kakaotalk messenger for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:
Donwload kakaotalk messenger for Chrome:

7. Line App

LINE is Another app like WhatsApp. Line is a free call and messaging app (both audio and video). It record your mobile number into its data; hence, you’ll connect with your mobile contacts using the same App as you.

A benefit of LINE is that it permits you to respond to messages also by the commencement of a computer or Macs software, offer you record your mobile number with an electronic mail account.

Likewise messaging, you’ll be able to call alternative LINE contacts via the App with an online association. The platforms available for LINE includes iOS, Window Phone, and Android.

Download line for android:
Download line for ios:
Download line for chrome:
Download line for Mac:

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