7 Tips That Will Help Boost Mobile App User Engagement

According to a published report, around 149.3 billion apps were downloaded by users from different parts of the world in 2016. The most popular apps downloaded included games and photo editing tools and those that can be used for social networking, communication, and utilities.
This statistic is a great source of encouragement for organizations and businesses interested in launching their own apps soon. However, having an app that is downloaded is one thing; getting an assurance that people will use them constantly is another.
Boost Mobile App User Engagement

Increasing the Frequency of Mobile App Use

Whether you are still in the process of introducing your first mobile app or it is already available for download, ensuring that people regularly use them should be your top priority.
Here are some tips you can follow if you want to improve your mobile app’s user engagement rate:

1. Work on your app store listing

 If your app is already experiencing a low number of downloads, it’s time to modify your listing. Start by providing more valuable and interesting info about your app such as its uses, benefits, and how it is utilized. You can also look at popular relevant featured apps to get some inspiration for tweaking your app store listing.

2. Make onboarding quick and easy

Once a person downloads your app, he or she will want to use it immediately. But if a user must go through several steps before he or she can start using this new tool, there’s a high chance that this person will stop midway and delete your app.
To encourage user engagement, it is important that you make the steps of creating an account and logging in fast and simple. Also, do not overload users with information, relevant or not. If you want to educate users during their first onboarding experience, make this a concise and quick tutorial and always indicate the benefits that your app offers.

3. Focus on app personalization

Personalization is increasingly effective in giving users a more unique yet relevant experience. Because of this, users will continue to open your app.
App personalization doesn’t have to be complex. You can start by simply indicating the name of the user on the screen whenever he or she will use the app and on any message you will send.

4. Utilize push notifications properly

Users tend to delete apps that go quiet and do not offer anything new for long periods of time. However, this doesn’t mean you should frequently SPAM your users; the best approach is to come up with suitable push notifications that will draw them back into your app.
The good news is that it is very easy to customize push notifications to make them more relevant for each user. You can tailor them to target certain groups or users who performed particular actions, as well as for specific devices and platforms.

5. Update your app regularly

Updating your app regularly helps prevent users from looking at and downloading similar tools. In addition, whenever there are new updates, you will get an idea of how many users are committed to your app. Lastly, it is an effective way to promote your app’s new features to your users.

6. Employ a good deep linking strategy

According to Alpha Apps, a deep link is a URL that directs a user to a particular location within an app. With a good deep linking strategy, you will provide a simple, seamless experience for your users and, at the same time, minimize barriers that may impede them from completing a specific action. The good thing about deep linking is that you can easily incorporate this in your push notifications.

7. Make it easy for users to get in touch with you

Finally, mobile app development companies in the UAE recommend that user reviews and feedback are crucial for improving your app; and responding to and taking note of them is a good way to retain and boost engagement. As such, don’t make it difficult for users to contact you; make sure your app has a “send feedback” or messaging feature. Also, set an automated response that users will receive and never forget to follow through with their request or reply to their queries.
There are already billions of apps available for use today. Don’t let your mobile app get left behind — or worse, become one of those that are deleted immediately by users. Be consistent and creative in updating and improving your app and reminding users what you offer, and you will surely have their unceasing loyalty.

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