The Future of Digital Economy – Megatrends

Today, the online advertising market, through search engines has reached 90 billion dollars. The smartphone market is worth $435 billion. The development of new technologies has led to the emergence of new markets and the growth of related industries. The world is changing so fast that we can say that the future is there. But … Read more

7 Fashion Forward Ideas for Your Home Office

Your home office is not the first place you think of when you think about a fashionable place, but that doesn’t mean you cannot decorate it to be stylish! With a home office, you have more liberty to decorate it as you like than you do at a separate workplace. But, to keep the office … Read more

Digital Musical Resurgence or Delinquency?

Iternet and Music     The world of music has dramatically changed. From vinyl records to 8-tracks, from cassette to CD, from CD’s to Mp3’s and from Mp3s to digital downloads and so forth. The music industry has resurged and evolved into something more than the mere notion of listening or selling a song. Now … Read more