How Blogging Makes You a Better Person in 2021 (Top 11 Ways)

Blogging refers to the process of adding your thoughts, inputs or experiences on an online journal. Blogging has become an extremely popular and creative outlet for youngsters to vent out their feelings, frustrations, and thoughts or simply word down their day to day life events online.  

These blogs can be made person or public for people to view and share their own comments and thoughts on. There are many people who start a blog anonymously, preferring to simply share their thoughts without their identities being known. Whatever your reasons might be to start blogging, it can be a wonderful experience.  

Here are 11 ways how blogging makes you a better person 2021

1. It improves your writing skills

Practice makes perfect. We have all heard this phrase. What better way to practice your writing skills than to get on your keyboard and type out all your personal thoughts and feelings? Writing is an art, and blogging helps perfect this art form.  

2. It is a creative outlet

creative outlet

Many people suffer from a lot of turmoil and frustrations which they cannot necessarily discuss with others. Blogging anonymously can be a creative outlet for these individuals. They are able to voice their thoughts and opinions without directly facing any consequences for them or hurting anyone in the process.  

3. You learn perseverance and dedication

Maintaining a blog isn’t easy. It takes hard work to keep a nice, clean and consistently updated blog. If you are blogging to get public views, opinions and votes, you must ensure your blog has enough material to keep your audience hooked. Updating your blog every day teaches you the skill of perseverance, dedication and commitment.  

4. Blogging can transform your real life relationships

Blogging gives you a chance to share your experiences and advice with like other minded individuals. You can learn a lot by reading other people’s blogs or interacting with them through comments and messages. Sometimes, you even come across some life altering experience online after talking to someone or reading someone’s blogs. This can help transform your relationships with those around you, if you can take the virtual life lessons and put them to use!  

5. Blogging can help increase awareness

Create Awareness

Having a strong presence in social media also brings to eyes a lot of events happening globally. These can help increase your awareness and even bring active changes to your lifestyle.   

6. Blogging helps you become stronger

Many bloggers face intense backlash and criticism on their blogs. For those bloggers who can hold their head up high and continue their quest without allowing the comments of others bring them down, blogging can make them stronger as a person.  

7. Increases creative juices

Blogging increases your overall creativity, writing skills and even photography skills (if you add pictures to your blog). You always have to keep your audience on their toes and keep them entertained.  

8. Blogging helps you help others in need

Blogging is an excellent way to let out your feelings and communicate with the rest of the world. It helps you connect with strangers who might be going through a tough time like you, and gives you a chance to lend a helping hand or simply an ear to listen to their problems.  

9. Blogging makes you smarter

As you are blogging, you are constantly coming across new information. You can learn many new things online during this journey.  

10. Time management and organizational skills

Time Management

Blogging teaches you a lot about time management. You need to be able to produce quality content to keep readers engaged as well and do this within a time crunch. Blogging helps you learn the necessary skills to manage time and organize all your efforts properly.  

11. Blogging sites that pay money to you

money making

If you have good blog sites, that blogging sites that pay money to you through many ways. such as affiliate marketing, adsense, guest post etc. lot’s bloggers today making more money through those blogging sites.   Blogging can be a wonderful experience for you to grow as a person, know yourself better and connect with others. So now that you know how blogging can help you, go on and start typing!  

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