Top 10 Interesting Facts About Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the world today. In fact, according to the latest survey, 74 million people play Minecraft on a monthly basis. It is highly popular among kids and teens but millions of adults play this game daily as well.

Knowing some interesting facts about Minecraft can give you an idea of why millions of people are hooked on and play this game every day.

If you also want to start playing free Minecraft games to know what the hype is all about, here are top ten interesting fascinating facts worth knowing about this popular (and highly-addictive) game first:

Here are the Top 10 Facts About Minecraft

1. Minecraft wasn’t supposed to be its original name

  • Markus Persson or “Notch”, a programmer and designer from Sweden, originally called the game “Cave Game” while he was still developing it. He then changed it to “Minecraft: Order of the Stone.”
  • Eventually, he settled on calling it simply Minecraft.

2. Persson created the game’s first version in six days

  • Notch started working on Minecraft on May 10, 2009. His goal was to create a sandbox game that allows a player to freely explore a virtual world for the launch of his new company, Mojang AB.
  • Notch credits Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and one of his previous games, RubyDung, as his inspirations for creating Minecraft.
  • He modified the product in increments until May 16.
  • On May 17, 2009, Notch released Minecraft’s “alpha version.”

3. Minecraft was officially completed in 2011

  • Although Notch finished the game’s first version in just six days, he periodically updated and tweaked the game until it reached its full version.
  • The complete and full version was released on November 18, 2011.

4. Many Swedish schools use Minecraft as a learning tool

  • In certain schools in Sweden, 12-year-old students are required to take Minecraft gaming lessons.
  • Since Minecraft is also an educational game, these schools believe that kids will be able to develop and polish their critical thinking and computer skills whenever they play this game. Children can also learn to be more creative as they play Minecraft.

5. The game was also used in Denmark to inspire learning in students

  • In 2014, Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjørn Nielsen, employees from the Danish Geodata Agency, built a scale replica of the entire country of Denmark in Minecraft to inspire Danish kids to be more interested in geography.
  • The Minecraft Denmark is a 1:1 scale replica which can be downloaded.

6. The enderman language is English spoken backwards

  • The speech of the endermen (the neutral mob) in Minecraft is nearly unintelligible. However, most of their exclamations are actually English words and phrases played backwards or uttered using a low pitch.
  • Another fun fact worth knowing about the endermen is that they are about 10 feet tall.

7. The creeper was originally a coding error

  • The creeper, which is a TNT-wielding predator in Minecraft, is one of the game’s stranger native species.
  • Notch accidentally designed this creature when he was trying to create a pig. While inputting the code, he unintentionally switched the figures for the desired height and length. As a result, the creeper was created.

8. A cat was used to give ghasts their high-pitched voice

  • The ghasts are Minecraft’s resident block-shaped fire breathing creatures.
  • They have a distinct high-pitched whine which was actually the result of an accidental audio recording of Minecraft music producer Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld’s cat. His cat suddenly awoke from a nap and made the unearthly sound. Rosenfeld was lucky enough to capture the sound.

9. Players can visit a secret biome

  • Biomes in Minecraft can come in the form of mobs, new blocks, structures, and other items. However, there are also secret biomes which players can also visit.
  • To visit and explore one, use a computer to play the game. Next, head to the main menu, hold down shift while looking at other worlds options. You will then be given the option to go on debug mode. Once you click it, you will have lots of fun exploring the biome.

10. All cows in Minecraft are female

  • Lastly, all the cows in the game are female since they have udders and can be milked
  • But even if they are all female, they can still breed and have offspring. They all resemble the Norwegian Red cattle as well.
  • Now that you know some fun and interesting facts about Minecraft, use your PC or laptop to go online to play the game and discover its iconic and exciting virtual world.  
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